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 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 13, 2018

Discrimination should be left legally alone

Who would be desperate enough to eat a cake baked by someone who doesn’t want to bake it? Would you want a wedding cake someone was forced to bake — at gunpoint? Even if the gun is hidden at...


Citizens must demand better public behavior

Just when you think the level of discourse and civility in this country can’t get any lower, you are proven wrong — as illustrated by two stories that have competed for headlines this month. The first was an incredibly offensive tweet by...


Opposition to Israel not all anti-Semitic

F reedom of speech on college campuses is under enough pressure without the federal government adding to the problem by threatening to withdraw funding to punish people for expressing their political opinions. That would be a real possibility if...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    June 10, 2018

Play shines light on teen suicide

Because of his own experiences with suicide, Portales resident Jim Lee is trying to spare others from its devastating aftermath. His father, a World War II veteran, committed suicide at 46, and Lee...

 By Kevin Wilson    Voices    June 10, 2018

Any ratio good for Arnold Palmer

And now, a dramatic reading of one of my favorite recent comedies, “Scrubs,” where newer doctor John “J.D.” Dorian tells mentor Perry Cox he’s no longer an inexperienced doctor. Dorian: Don’t be mad, Perry. This day was bound to come.... Full story

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    June 8, 2018

Biblical experiences can mirror our own

It was over 35 years ago next week that I was terrified we had lost Buffy. She was only five years old at the time and I still can remember the horror and hopelessness I felt when we lost her at Six F...


God will be with us every moment of life's adventure

I don’t remember ever quoting that famous philosopher Forrest Gump, but here you go: “My momma always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get....


Found new neighbors in the Forts

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know the Fort name and associate it with a well-respected historic ranch family in Lea County. But, for whatever reason, I had never met Curtis and Carol...


Letter to the editor - June 7

Players have other options for work I was completely aghast — no, the better word would be dumbfounded — by the Viewpoint about the NFL anthem rule in the May 30 Eastern New Mexico News. The players choice of to stand or not to stand kinda makes... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 6, 2018

Rule by majority unfair to minority

Politics might be an amusing hobby, but it is a horrible basis for a society. One should never confuse government with society. Society grows naturally from the voluntary interactions of people,...


Abbott deserves credit for action after shooting

In the melee that is the debate over mass shootings, we can’t help but return to a singular thought: There are a great many reforms that could make a meaningful difference and win broad support, if only they could get a fair hearing. So we were...

 By Sharna Johnson    Voices    June 5, 2018

Swallows may be worth cohabitation

It begins with a dab of mud in a discreet corner, easily passed by without drawing attention, yet over the course of a few days, the mud slowly builds upon itself and takes shape, eventually...


Press access necessary for democracy

We get it. The relationship between reporters and the government officials they cover can be testy. And if officials sometimes find it irksome to have the free press poking endlessly around their business, we understand. But if reporters aren’t on...


Dispatcher true community servant

With my lightning-quick moves in basketball shorts, the only task more stressful for 32-year-old Carl Smith than guarding me in jeans is being a 911 dispatcher. Working for Portales Communications, a city entity, he sees the worst and best of... Full story


Reflections on Sod Poodles, Hart Attacks

I’m no stranger to sports nickname controversy. In the 1990s, I wrote a newspaper column suggesting a few changes for regional school sports teams. That’s been a long time and I can’t find the column online, but I do remember a few of my...

 By Patti Dobson    Voices    June 3, 2018

Gardens are works in progress

Playing in the dirt is good for the soul. The past several days have been a blur of activity at Head Acres. We have pulled weeds, dodged some nasty looking bugs, and ran screaming from some pretty...

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    June 1, 2018

Sermon on the Mount timeless, timely

One of the most beautiful portions of Scripture in the Bible is the sermon that Jesus delivered sitting on the side of a mountain near Capernaum. Thus it is called the Sermon on the Mount. That...


Our souls are in need of genuine rest

For many of us, one of the hardest things we ever do is doing nothing. Incredibly difficult, disciplining ourselves to find some regular time to do nothing is the best way to make the doings that we...


Letters to the editor - June 1

Taking away rec center will hinder, not help Regarding city of Portales’ plans to create an “entertainment venue” in the Portales Recreation Center: Why would you change something “great” that will hinder the lives of our residents? The... Full story


Elida student holding tight to dream

When Landry Truex, the recently graduated valedictorian of the Elida High School class of 2018, was just a sophomore, she said she started researching service academies as a possible path for her...


Plenty to keep kids busy this summer

That’s it … another school year under our belts. Summer is here, and kids are excited and eagerly anticipating all the typical summer activities — swimming and playing with friends during the...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 30, 2018

'Nothing' is best government activity

There is one thing government could do that I will support. One thing I believe it needs to spend more time doing. It’s the one thing government can do best, the one thing government can do that... Full story

 By Newsday    Voices    May 30, 2018

NFL anthem rule bars freedom of dissent, protest

The NFL always has been averse to off-the-field controversy. But the league came up short last week when it altered its national anthem policy to try to defuse an issue that dogged it last fall. Some players knelt during the anthem as a social...

 By Sharna Johnson    Voices    May 29, 2018

Car no place to leave pet in summer

At the end of a long workday, nothing adds insult to injury quite like climbing into an oven for the ride home — the steering wheel and gear shift burn hands, the hot air is hard to breathe, sweat...


Letter to the editor - May 29

Political climate causing concerns When the founding fathers formed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they were in part considering the avoidance of life under a tyrannical government. The First Amendment includes the right to free speech and... Full story


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