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 By David Stevens    Voices 

Publisher's journal: Now some words from our readers

This has been a pretty good month for interaction with readers … A sampling: Ron Mask read a report in the Quay County Sun that New Mexico State’s interim president has decided... — Updated 9/27/2023

 By Elwood Watson    Voices 

Opinion: McCarthy cave-in shows tenuous position

Get your popcorn ready, because a gut-wrenching level of drama has gripped the House of Representatives. To quote Democratic minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, "The Republican party... — Updated 9/27/2023

 By Paul Gessing    Voices 

Opinion: UBI won't actually help the poor

The idea of a “universal basic income” has been around a long time. Most supporters are broadly on the left of the political spectrum, but many conservative thought leaders,... — Updated 9/27/2023

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: Governor's order has soured her term

Seldom is a governor’s second term as bright as their first term; the gubernatorial luster loses its shine for one reason or another. With the late, great Bill Richardson, it was “pay to play.” With Susana Martinez, it was... — Updated 9/23/2023


Letter to the editor - Sept. 24

Baby box shows love, support for women It comes as a surprise to many that a state that promotes abortion tourism, such as New Mexico, would also have a law on the books that is incredibly compassionate to both mothers and their... — Updated 9/23/2023


Opinion: U.S. cannot put mineral mining in jeopardy

There is simply no credible way to address climate change without changing how we obtain vital minerals and metals needed for batteries to make electric vehicles and for storing energy generated by solar and wind. That is why it... — Updated 9/23/2023

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: Deaths in Ukraine exceeding Vietnam

If you are the parent of an active-duty Marine, the last person you want to see out of the blue on your door step is a Marine officer in dress uniform. He is generally there with... — Updated 9/23/2023

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: More choices than Red or Blue

Politics changes hearts and minds. Not in a good way. The more partisan the politics, the worse the obvious damage. Politics brainwashes people. It drives reasoned thought right... — Updated 9/23/2023

 By David Stevens    Voices

Publisher's journal: Public records should be available to us all

It seems some of New Mexico’s public entities want changes to the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act. Mostly they want to charge taxpayers for the time public employees sp... — Updated 9/23/2023


ENMU bringing the party to downtown Portales

Before there was an Eastern New Mexico University … or an Eastern New Mexico College … or even an Eastern New Mexico Normal School, there was a community that very much wanted... — Updated 9/23/2023

 By Landry Sena    Voices

Now I'm in my 'nesting' era

This marks week 31, and I’m happy to report Baby Sena and I passed our glucose test with flying colors. Now that we’re in the home stretch, the nesting and stress is getting more and more intense. Working around the house and... — Updated 9/19/2023


Faith: Living in hope to be cooler by time you read this

G. K. Chesterton writes: “An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.” I suppose, then, that I must be in the midst of an adventure. I’m writing on a Sunday evening.... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By Elwood Watson    Voices

Opinion: Black women deserve better

Malcolm X said it best in a 1962 speech: “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By Michael Reagan    Voices

Opinion: Left's information blackout not new

Thank God for Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana. I wish every major television and radio network in the country had covered what the smart and colorful Republican did in the Senate... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By David Stevens    Voices

Publisher's journal: We need to remove politicians from the education business

Late last year, the question began circulating among respected members of our community: Is it true Clovis Municipal Schools is placing litter boxes in restrooms to accommodate... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By Mike Morris    Voices

Opinion: It's not a lake, it's a reservoir

Because I am the Chairman of the ENMWUA, the entity that is constructing the Ute Pipeline, you may think you know exactly where I’m going here. But don’t tune out just yet. I want to share my heart with you. Concern for New... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Walter Rubel    Voices

Opinion: Bill Richardson always dreamed big

Bill Richardson was the most ambitious person I’ve ever met. Our first meeting was when I was a moderator for a 2002 gubernatorial debate against Republican John Sanchez and David Bacon of the Green Party. Richardson was so... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Gov's disdain for democracy not new

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recently gained national headlines for her public health order, which essentially banned carrying a gun in Bernalillo County, the state’s... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: State has trails from distant past to outer space

Out here in the Land of Enchantment, we have many trails. We have the Space Trail, which includes more than 50 archeological sites, museums, laboratories, observatories and more scattered around the state — but mostly concentrate... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: Doing wrong thing worse than nothing

Political crimes aren't like ordinary crimes. They are worse. They are also outside the "innocent until proven guilty" standard, which applies to most other crimes; crimes... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: NATO membership red line for Russia

William J. Burns is the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. From 2005 to 2008 Burns was the ambassador to Russia. In February 2008, Burns sent a memo that that was... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By David Stevens    Voices

Publisher's journal: This David Stevens not the Rocketeer

Have you ever Googled yourself? Mostly you don’t find yourself. David Stevens has over 35 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry. David Stevens is an American... — Updated 9/16/2023


Cloudy, rainy days have been balm to the soul

I suppose if we lived in a place where we regularly had gray, chilly, drizzly days, it would be possible to grow weary of it. But after a summer under the broiler with the... — Updated 9/16/2023

 By Elwood Watson    Voices

Opinion: Marriage not prerequisite of living well

It appears some Republican donors are really concerned that presidential candidate Tim Scott, South Carolina’s junior senator, is a 57-year-old bachelor — and whatever... — Updated 9/12/2023

 By David Stevens    Voices

Publisher's journal: Gun ban is not realistic option

New Mexico’s governor last week issued an “emergency health order” that bans firearms in all public places in Albuquerque. The only people exempt from the ban are police and s... — Updated 9/12/2023


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