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 By Betty Williamson    Voices 

Pioneer stories give me a dose of perspective

I face an ongoing dilemma: I love having a clean house, but I hate cleaning. But with an incoming overnight guest on the way last weekend, I tackled our abode in an all-out scrub... — Updated 6/16/2021

 By Curtis Shelburne    Voices 

Faith: Hope you know you have a Father who absolutely loves you

I didn’t remember it being quite that far down. I don’t remember being so tempted to “loft” the ball. And what in the world is wrong with these rented shoes? Or maybe it’s... — Updated 6/15/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices 

Opinion: Space race more than rich man's game

The Cold War propelled the first race into space. Gazillionaires are making this latest space race happen. Three super-wealthy men — Jeff Bezos, who owns half the planet under the Amazon brand; Elon Musk, who owns half the... — Updated 6/15/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices 

Opinion: Look toward cryptocurrency's future

It seems nearly everyone is talking about Bitcoin and Dogecoin, as well as the thousands of other cryptocurrencies, these days. Cryptocurrency is seen as a tool for financial... — Updated 6/15/2021


Opinion: Issues faced by administration predictable

In 2012, Pew Research asked 1,008 Americans to describe then-Vice President Joe Biden in one word. The responses ranged from “Good,” the most common answer, to “Goofy.” But almost five months into his tenure, the word that... — Updated 6/15/2021

 By Walt Rubel    Voices

Opinion: Clear opinion needed on records destruction

Thanks to solid investigative reporting by Searchlight New Mexico, the state Children, Youth and Families Department is no longer using a secure messaging system designed to circumvent open records laws by automatically deleting re... — Updated 6/12/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices

Opinion: Manchin making seismic, potentially tragic error

Dear Sen. Joe Manchin: It has only been 56 years. As Americans, we are pleased to call ourselves one of the world’s oldest democracies. We are actually one of the world’s... — Updated 6/12/2021


Opinion: Ritual reminds us of where we came from

When I lived in France many years ago, I went to Mass regularly at Notre Dame Cathedral. My French was not so good at the time, so the ability to attend Mass in Latin was a... — Updated 6/12/2021

 By Michael Reagan    Voices

Opinion: Biden weakening US on world stage

Joe Biden is taking his first trip overseas as president. After stopping in England he’ll summit with European leaders in Brussels and then move on to his mano-a-mano meet-up... — Updated 6/12/2021


Letter to the editor - June 13

Majority rule great if you’re in majority I found the entire June 6 editorial page interesting. The editorial cartoon was most stimulating for the simple reason that it paints a legitimate movement in an extremely negative... — Updated 6/12/2021


Opinion: Take a moment to invest in a little happiness

After a year of uncertainty and financial upheaval, Americans have become more thrifty. Most adult citizens received more than $1,000 of stimulus money from the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a... — Updated 6/12/2021


Faith: A lot of courage to be seen in ordinary people

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms,” writes G. K. Chesterton. “It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.” Yes, and we wonder, don’t... — Updated 6/8/2021


Love a good yearbook ad - as long as I'm not selling it

I counted recently and discovered that my shelves are creaking with more than 80 yearbooks from various schools. The oldest is from 1940, the most recent is from 2016. They're... — Updated 6/8/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: Workplace must change with economy

“My very first job I said thank you and please, they made me scrub a parking lot down on my knees, and then I got fired for being scared of bees, and they only give me fifty cents an hour.” Those John Prine lyrics, from his... — Updated 6/8/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: Liberty is among self-evident truths

Many times over the years people have demanded proof that liberty is better than the alternative. Sometimes the detail being questioned changes — maybe it’s the concept of... — Updated 6/8/2021


Opinion: Pennsylvania example for all on unemployment

Businesses are scrambling to fill job vacancies as the country continues to reopen from the coronavirus pandemic, but the reality is there simply are not enough people looking for work. The state of Pennsylvania made the right... — Updated 6/8/2021


Police officers bring equipment, vehicles for student event

When Nicole Hahn, principal at Cameo Elementary, invited me to drop by before the end of the school year, I figured it was one of the end-of-year activities. When students had... — Updated 6/8/2021

 By Walt Rubel    Voices

Opinion: We need a more honest retelling of our history

I graduated from both high school and college thinking that the Underground Railroad was an actual train, with Harriet Tubman at the controls. When I read recently about the controversy regarding plans by the Las Cruces school... — Updated 6/5/2021

 By Wade Fraze    Voices

Opinion: Social studies standards under fire from PED

New Mexico’s Public Education Department is striving to change the required standards for social studies. The last time our social studies standards were revised was in the 1990s. Before the 1990s revision, the average student... — Updated 6/5/2021


Opinion: Left is adept and talented in their bias

Mark Ruffalo came out on Twitter the other day and angered a lot of people, but not the people he usually tends to anger. “I have reflected & wanted to apologize for posts during... — Updated 6/5/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Election law isn't voter suppression

The Democratic opposition to legislative minorities using whatever leverage they have to block legislation is highly situational. In Washington, D.C., where Democrats control the... — Updated 6/5/2021

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: Common misconceptions: historic and current

Depending on which source you use, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” was first stated in either an 1884 book titled “A Political Creed,” by Gabriel Manigault, or in a... — Updated 6/5/2021

 By David Stevens    Voices

Opinion: Helmets and masks are better protectors than the government

Soon after 9-11, comedian Ron White claimed his mother wasn’t sure what to do when the nation’s Homeland Security Advisory System went from green to blue to yellow to orange and... — Updated 6/5/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: Drug abuse stupid but prohibition evil

It’s normal to focus more on things that matter to us personally. It’s harder to care about everything else. I’m most vocal about the liberty I see being attacked the... — Updated 6/1/2021


Opinion: NM's spaceport in thick of new space race

May 22 was a big day for Virgin Galactic, Spaceport America, commercial space flight and New Mexico. After years of delays, Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity successfully shot into space after breaking away from its mothership at... — Updated 6/1/2021


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