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Opinion: Abbot sets example by opening Texas

He wasn’t the first governor in the country to lift the mask mandate for his state. North Dakota, Montana and Iowa have ended state-wide mask orders in recent weeks and progressive states like Florida and South Dakota never issue... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Kevin Wilson    Voices 

Hoping we can end security theatrics

On Sunday, I went to Lubbock and visited seven businesses. I felt safe at all of them, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but I got my share of security theater. For those unfamiliar, that’s performing a clear gesture so... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Christine Flowers    Voices 

Opinion: Conservatives need to fight back against being silenced

I was once fired by an employer because they did not like the way I tweeted. They had no problem with the way other people at this same enterprise tweeted, they just didn’t like... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices 

Opinion: Biden creating crisis at the border

A crisis is a terrible thing to create. This, nonetheless, is what President Joe Biden has done at the southern border. His rhetoric during the campaign suggesting an openhanded... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices 

Opinion: Walking back racism isn't 'cancel culture'

No, Dr. Seuss hasn’t been “canceled.” Granted, you’d never know it from the ruckus that erupted after Theodor Seuss Geisel’s estate decided to stop publishing six... — Updated 3/6/2021


Opinion: US must alter policies to keep up with China

China’s dominance of critical materials used to produce everything from advanced weapons systems to electric vehicles and solar panels is a problem so glaring both the Trump and Biden administrations have singled it out as an... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Dan Patterson    Voices 

Opinion: Recreational marijuana a bad path

I have been watching the movement to approve the use of recreational marijuana and am appalled that our legislators are going down this path. I have spent the last 50-plus years as a teacher, coach, school principal and... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By David Stevens    Voices 

Opinion: Texas has chance to show a nation freedom works

Don’t blow it, Texas. The eyes of the nation are on the Lone Star State these next few months after its governor, Greg Abbott, lifted mandates on face coverings and restrictions... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Patti Dobson    Voices

Faith: Memories are patches in exquisite quilt of life

I’m being dogged by memories. Maybe it’s because we’re closing in on the three-year mark of Dad exchanging earth for heaven. Maybe we just snapped so many photos of him doing... — Updated 3/2/2021


Faith: God has no trouble identifying his children

During one of the most famous battles ever fought, the World War II “Battle of the Bulge,” the Germans made use of a battalion of men commanded by Maj. Otto Skorzeny, “the... — Updated 3/2/2021


Science is a beautiful thing with long history

I chauffeured a dear friend to the Roosevelt General Hospital clinic recently to receive her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. I’ll call her B. As the masked and gloved... — Updated 3/2/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: Regional papers worth reading

It was right about eight years ago when I first started working on an idea for a news service for the state’s independently owned newspapers, especially the small-town papers whose local owners must work without a net. After the... — Updated 3/2/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: 'Law enforcement' not what we have

A couple of local sheriffs claim to be concerned that new legislation makes “law enforcement” (sic) the enemy. If so, they don’t understand the nature of legislation.... — Updated 3/2/2021


Opinion: Streaming oral arguments good for New Mexico

As I drive to work, past the barricades and the fencing surrounding the New Mexico Roundhouse, I think how it informs public perception about our democratic process and understanding of the “rule of law.” Equally important is h... — Updated 3/2/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices

Opinion: Anything is possible

You're not reading this on a smartphone or tablet, are you? I hope not, for your sake. They say the government can use imperceptible fluctuations in the light to reprogram your... — Updated 3/1/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices

Opinion: Not teaching slavery doesn't change facts

Let’s try an experiment. For 30 years, let’s require that young people are taught nothing about the moon. Let’s scrub Earth’s satellite from books and online articles.... — Updated 3/1/2021


Opinion: No good reason to celebrate death of Rush Limbaugh

Death is the one human experience that connects everyone, regardless of color, creed, class or bank account. The inequity comes only in its manner and timing. For Ted Flowers, my... — Updated 2/27/2021

 By Dick Polman    Voices

Opinion: Complaining about tweets weak effort by Republicans

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is very upset about Neera Tanden, the well-qualified woman tapped by President Biden to run the Office of Management and Budget. He is shocked,... — Updated 2/27/2021

 By Michael Reagan    Voices

Opinion: Biden, Fauci moving goalposts

Say what you will about the personal and political failings of Donald Trump, at least he was an optimist. Along with being a cheerleader for America, he talked positively,... — Updated 2/27/2021

 By Steve Pearce    Voices

Opinion: Dem governor, lawmakers can't face truth

When Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham penned her name to Senate Bill 10, she signed a death warrant. She, along with dozens of New Mexico Democratic lawmakers, approved the order to end the lives of thousands of unborn children. The... — Updated 2/27/2021


Opinion: NM governor's pandemic lunches tone-deaf at best

Thanks to some transparency about how the Governor’s Office spends discretionary funds, we recently learned Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham used taxpayer money to buy almost $13,500 of goods and services over a six-month period in 20... — Updated 2/27/2021


Opinion: Legislation aims to make law enforcement the enemy

This legislative session is bringing real change to New Mexico, but not the kind we think New Mexicans are looking for. This session has brought to the table several bills squarely aimed at making law enforcement the enemy of the... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: A look at legislative halfway mark

Halfway through this year’s legislative session and we’re close to another pandemic relief package for New Mexicans. Senate Bill 1 (SB1) passed its original chamber Feb. 15 with unanimous support. It’s on to the House side no... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: Start getting prepared for emergencies

I thought the past year had taught people to be prepared and less dependent on rescue by others. It seems I was wrong. This has been quite the year for “preppers.” Just one... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Bloomberg News    Voices

Opinion: No excuse to turn blind eye to weather

The details of what went wrong in Texas last week — most likely the biggest forced blackout in U.S. history — will take time to establish. So will exactly what to do about it. But this emergency already underlines something... — Updated 2/23/2021


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