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 By Curtis Shelburne    Voices 

Faith: Real answer to most fusses is to be Christ-like

I wonder what they were fussing about. Before I pondered the possibilities, I began wondering if that first sentence needed to end with a question mark. Come to think of it, same... — Updated 10/19/2021

 By Betty Williamson    Voices 

Nostalgic and hungry for La Hacienda Restaurant

I saw a picture of Portales’ old La Hacienda Restaurant recently, and it got me to thinking about some of our family’s favorite eating spots that are long gone. La Hacienda, for... — Updated 10/19/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices 

Opinion: Actions have natural consequences

Actions have consequences. I can disagree with what someone does, and even believe they should face consequences for their actions, without believing government should hand out thos... — Updated 10/19/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices 

Opinion: NM celebrates multiculturalism

In 2020, the frontline in “the battle for the soul of America” was the election between Joe Biden, who spoke of that battle many times, and Donald Trump, who spoke about how it was all rigged. Now, that battle seems best... — Updated 10/19/2021


Pumpkin patch teaches students about five senses

If you’ve never seen the delight of itty-bitty students launched upon a pumpkin patch, then you haven’t lived. Educator extraordinaire Kathi Shaw is now in her 33rd year of teac... — Updated 10/19/2021

 By Walt Rubel    Voices

Opinion: Voting has power to shape decisions

Every four years, Americans flock to the polls in droves to elect a new president. Last year, more than 155 million people cast their ballots, most of them just happy that the campaign was finally over, at least for a minute. Two... — Updated 10/16/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices

Opinion: 'Media' not demeaning Trump supporters

Dear Mike Pence: Most of them are fervid adherents of bizarre conspiracy theories and fascist dogmas that might yet burn this country down. Many of them spew a noxious slurry of... — Updated 10/16/2021


Opinion: College firsts should thank their families

I was watching TV the other night, and one of those ubiquitous campaign ads popped up. This time, it was a female candidate for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, discussing all of... — Updated 10/16/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Aptitudes should be acknowledged

Gifted students have to check their privilege and get over themselves. It doesn’t matter whether they are minorities. It doesn’t matter whether they were brought to the United... — Updated 10/16/2021

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: Elected officials exploiting death

In less than three months, Jan. 6 will be upon us again. You remember Jan. 6, the day the news media report as the deadliest insurrection since the Civil War, don’t you? The... — Updated 10/16/2021


Opinion: Abbott, Schmitt orders irrational, inconsistent

Republican politicians once defended a “hands-off” approach to local government and entrepreneurship. Local governmental units like school boards knew how best to educate and protect local kids without meddling from distant... — Updated 10/16/2021


Faith: Who should we trust? The God who loves us

I never thought this could happen, but I know now that it could. Imagine for a moment. Imagine the losers of our last two presidential elections calling a joint press conference and apologizing to the American people. First of... — Updated 10/12/2021


Ahead of my time in the hairdressing field

I was 3 or 4 years old when I first became a hairdresser, an early career path that failed to earn wholehearted support from my parents. I’m not sure who was my first victim, the... — Updated 10/12/2021

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: Progress should be for greater good

“Progress” is a word liberals grabbed to avoid the “liberal” label that those on the right have soiled so effectively. Feel free to call me either; better that than to embrace the stagnation of conservative thinking. The... — Updated 10/12/2021

 By Bloomberg News    Voices

Opinion: Dems should be more prudent with spending

As they prepare to spend $1.2 trillion on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, along with a vastly larger sum on a party-line social-policy bill, Democrats might be expected to defend their ambitions on the merits. Instead,... — Updated 10/12/2021

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: Cannabis licensing smacks of scam

If government claims it will finally allow you — after you buy a license — to do something you’ve always had a natural human right to do, but makes the rules for getting the l... — Updated 10/12/2021


Music keeping kids engaged

As many are aware, music education is an important part of our school district's offerings. We have long maintained extremely high standards, with outstanding certified music... — Updated 10/12/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Consider a live and let leaf attitude this fall

If you don’t like my opinions this week, you can take a flying leap … into a pile of festive autumn leaves. (Skip the wet sucker — per Linus van Pelt.) In this great melting pot of a nation, people have many ways of handling... — Updated 10/9/2021


Opinion: The anti-abortion movement gaining momentum, support

I remember when people were poring over photographs of President Trump’s inaugural back in 2017, trying to disprove his theory that it was the largest crowd in history. Clearly,... — Updated 10/9/2021

 By Leonard Pitts    Voices

Opinion: Signing off may be best way to fix Facebook

Maybe Facebook can’t be fixed. Did anyone ever think of that? As a whistleblower releases damning information, as Congress holds another hearing into the harm the company does,... — Updated 10/9/2021

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: You may not know as much as you think

Everybody is an expert in something. A good ditch digger will take only a few seconds to watch someone who has never used a shovel flail around to know that the incompetent has no... — Updated 10/9/2021

 By Michael Reagan    Voices

Opinion: Reagan forgave Hinckley long ago

News that a federal judge had approved the unconditional release of John Hinckley Jr. in June set my phone to ringing furiously. Journalists naturally wanted to know what I thought... — Updated 10/9/2021

 By David Stevens    Voices

Opinion: Choose realistic options to ensure local school control

Early voting for local school boards is under way and it’s great to see several area races are contested. Expect to hear a lot of talk about “local control” among the candidates. A few thoughts on that topic: First, local... — Updated 10/9/2021


Opinion: Audit will only encourage lies and disruption

Thoughtful news consumers might have read last month’s announcement of an audit of the 2020 election results in four Texas counties and pondered its purpose. Why would former President Donald Trump call for such an audit after... — Updated 10/5/2021

 By David Stevens    Voices

Opinion: Thanks for view under the pew

it s bad news boss amos is gone If you knew Amos or Gary Mitchell -- the mind behind the philosophical churchmouse -- that introduction makes sense to you. And your heart is... — Updated 10/5/2021 Full story


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