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Transparent Nord Stream investigation required

Approximately two months ago, the Seymour Hersh article, “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline” appeared on Substack. No major newspaper chose to publish this... — Updated 3/19/2023

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Opinion: Transparent Nord Stream investigation required

Approximately two months ago, the Seymour Hersh article, “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline” appeared on Substack. No major newspaper chose to publish this... — Updated 3/18/2023

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Opinion: Is it time to impeach President Biden?

Last week I discussed Seymour Hersh’s charges that Nord Stream was destroyed by the U.S. government, acting under the direction of President Joseph R. Biden. These charges have... — Updated 3/11/2023

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Opinion: Hersh right more often than not

In late September of last year, a series of explosions destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines that connected Russia with Germany. After several weeks of investigation, the Swedish... — Updated 3/4/2023

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Opinion: US troops don't belong in Kosovo

There is little hope that 2023 will usher in a new era of peace throughout Europe. Ukraine shows no indication of abating and as I write this piece, news reports reveal that... — Updated 12/31/2022

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Opinion: Remembering story of 'Silent Night'

The Christmas season always makes me think of music. Not “Jingle Bells,” or “Frosty the Snowman,” but the sacred music that I grew up with in western Iowa and eastern... — Updated 12/24/2022

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Opinion: If you want fair, the fair is in August

I thought John McCain was a terrible politician, and a worse presidential candidate. He never met a war that he didn’t back and his campaign was a disaster. The only bright spot... — Updated 12/17/2022

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Opinion: Predictions for winners in 2023

My early predictions for the winners in 2023: USA Whoever decided to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines created what Secretary of State Anthony Blinken described as a “tremendous... — Updated 12/10/2022

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Opinion: My predictions of losers of 2023

My early predictions for the losers in 2023: Ukraine Ukraine is running out of ammunition, manpower and time. Ukraine currently fires about 2,000 rounds of artillery a day, while... — Updated 12/3/2022

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Opinion: Zelenskyy trying to start WWIII

Several weeks ago, the world was closer to WWIII than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962. Although everyone has heard the phrase, “the fog of war,” it... — Updated 11/26/2022

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Opinion: Peace talks needed to end hostilities

I have written before about the George Santayana quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I’ve also noted that when I first became aware of that... — Updated 11/22/2022

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Opinion: Many things to give thanks for at 80

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations started going up in the stores in early October, often times confusing the Halloween parties, I’ve always looked... — Updated 11/22/2022

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Opinion: Time to remember past world wars

This week we will celebrate Veterans Day, on Nov. 11. As I’ve written before, when I was a child we celebrated that day as Armistice Day. During the Great War, on the Western... — Updated 11/5/2022

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Opinion: War may have unintended results

The conflict in Ukraine continues to drag on. Regardless of how the conflict began or who was responsible for starting it, the fear remains that the war may get out of control, or m... — Updated 10/29/2022

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Opinion: Longer format, better coverage

At the onset of the television age, most Americans remember Walter Cronkite as the go-to guy when it came to getting the real scoop on what was happening in the news. Ending each... — Updated 10/22/2022

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Opinion: East experiencing immigrants first-hand

A number of cities have established some sort of safe enclave by resolution or public signage from the local governing body of these cities that purports to show how warm and... — Updated 10/15/2022

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Opinion: Logical look at pipeline sabotage

It appears that the votes are in as to who is responsible the Nord Stream pipelines and most of the media agree. Russia did it. I don’t know who did it, and what follows is an... — Updated 10/8/2022

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Opinion: No benefit for Russia in pipeline damage

As a data point, I write these missives early in the week and they get posted on Sunday. As such, they may appear a bit dated or missing the very latest facts and figures of the... — Updated 10/1/2022

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Opinion: Pandemic not over, emergency is

Over the last several years, I have asked the question, “Who will decide when the COVID pandemic is over?” In an interview with Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes” last Sunday,... — Updated 9/24/2022

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Opinion: Power of cabinet flows from president

The president of the United States is the only member of the executive branch of government who is elected. Constitutionally, he operates as the chief executive officer of the U.S.... — Updated 9/17/2022

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Opinion: It's time to take care of America

The United States left Vietnam in April 1975. We lost more than 58,000 Americans in that war. Most Viet vets are getting a little long in the tooth now, with the youngest ones in... — Updated 9/10/2022

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Opinion: Labor Day holiday marks beginnings

Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September and this year, that’s tomorrow. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, and over the years the day has come to denote... — Updated 9/3/2022

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Opinion: Act won't affect most major issues

When I first read that the Inflation Reduction Act sent to the president for signature contained 730 pages, I thought that must be a misprint or an outright error. Then it occurred... — Updated 8/27/2022

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Opinion: No evidence of targeted killings

On Aug. 8, headlines across the country reported things like: “Police: 4th Muslim man Killed in Albuquerque over Past 9 Months” The media proclaimed: “Shock and disbelief... — Updated 8/20/2022

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Opinion: Man's home should be his castle

I saw this meme on the ’net the other day: “The rule of law, like Santa Claus, is a myth. It is only real when people believe in it.” For several years now, it has become... — Updated 8/13/2022


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