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 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Oil, gas ban will disproportionately affect New Mexicans

In New Mexico and the United States as a whole, recent months have seen unprecedented attacks on the traditional energy sector from policymakers in Santa Fe and Washington. The... — Updated 2/13/2021

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Netflix rebate comes at expense of NM taxpayers

New Mexico remains among the most locked down states in the nation when it comes to the Coronavirus. In October the state’s unemployment rate was among the highest in the nation... — Updated 12/19/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Shutting down in-person learning a bad option

Recently, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho and Clovis school districts joined Albuquerque and Las Cruces schools in abandoning any in-person learning. Instead, for the foreseeable future all... — Updated 11/21/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Fuel economy requirement unrealistic

Recently, California Gov. Gavin Newsom made headlines with his announcement that by 2035 his state will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles. That is an ambitious goal, but given... — Updated 10/10/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Remove government obstacles to broadband

New Mexico leaders, especially those working in and around K-12 education, are scrambling for solutions to the state's broadband issues. An estimated 25 percent of families in our s... — Updated 9/26/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Governor should face coming challenges

For all intents and purposes New Mexico is closed for business until at least May 15. Whether you agree with the way Michelle Lujan Grisham has handled the COVID 19 crisis or if... — Updated 4/25/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Voters will weigh in on spending binge

When the 2018 election results were tallied and it was clear that New Mexico had moved into the “progressive blue state” category, it was destined to be a tough couple of years... — Updated 2/29/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Governor's budget highlights contrast

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recently released her budget to be considered by the Legislature in the upcoming 30-day session. As expected, there is a lot of new spending thanks to... — Updated 1/18/2020

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

State taxpayers deserve some of surplus back

According to the latest estimates from Santa Fe, the state’s general fund budget is expected to be $7.882 billion next fiscal year. When Gov. Martinez left office in 2018 the... — Updated 12/14/2019

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Tax increases won't diversify NM economy

House Democrats have revamped and are now pushing House Bill 6, legislation that ostensibly “reforms” New Mexico’s tax code. In reality, the legislation would impose a... — Updated 2/23/2019

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Spending points to higher taxes

As the 2019 Legislature kicks off and budgets are issued by Governor Lujan-Grisham and the Legislature, New Mexicans should be worried about the future of their state. The $1.1... — Updated 1/19/2019

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Martinez did a lot of good in office

After eight years of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez in office, what is her legacy? She was the first Latina governor in America soon to be followed by Michelle Lujan-Grisham who... — Updated 12/22/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Smaller government better path to ethical behavior

Appearing on New Mexicans’ ballots this fall is Constitutional Amendment 2, which would create an ethics commission. To New Mexico’s advocates for “good government,” it’s... — Updated 10/22/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Tax, pension reform deserve more attention

The announcement that New Mexico’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year is now $1.2 billion in surplus is welcome news. After a decade of fiscal and economic challenges, there are... — Updated 9/17/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Moody's downgrade a clear warning

Despite a $600 million surplus and an unemployment rate that has dropped to an almost-respectable 5.1 percent, New Mexico’s economy is in dire shape. This bearish view of New Mexi... — Updated 7/8/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Best to spend extra cash on tax, pension reform

New Mexico policymakers and citizens received some good economic news recently. Thanks to the much-maligned process known as fracking, oil production in the Permian Basin in... — Updated 5/19/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Pre-K programs no match for improved teachers

The Catholic archbishops of New Mexico have become the leading advocates of increasing the money taken out of the state’s “Permanent Fund” in an effort to create a variety of... — Updated 3/17/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

FDA hindrance to life-saving tech

The Food and Drug Administration is hardly a flashy agency. News releases about drug approvals and genetic testing don’t get quite as much fanfare as NASA’s latest mission or... — Updated 1/22/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Legislative session prelude to November

With tax reform taken off the agenda by New Mexico’s Democrat legislative leaders, it is clear that the 30-day session will be more about going through the motions and... — Updated 1/7/2018

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

School choice needed for education progress

It’s back to school time in New Mexico. But throughout the summer three big education-related headlines have framed education policy issues that will impact our school children... — Updated 8/13/2017

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Lottery Scholarship program needs more transparency

New Mexico’s Higher Education Department recently announced that New Mexico’s Lottery Scholarship will cover an average of “only” 60 percent of qualifying students... — Updated 6/11/2017

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Government needs to work better before raising taxes

There has been a lot of criticism of Gov. Martinez in the wake of her use of the veto pen in the wake of the 2017 legislative session. Tough economic times are not fun and New... — Updated 4/16/2017

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Medicaid reform can save New Mexico

Recently, U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan-Grisham joined supporters of Obamacare in protesting the possibility that President Donald Trump will repeal or dramatically alter the law. She... — Updated 1/30/2017


Marketplace Fairness Act is unfair

The U.S. Senate, with the support of New Mexico's Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, recently passed legislation called the "Marketplace Fairness Act." The idea is to set up a new taxation regime that would allow states to collect...


Their view: State disproportionately impacted by federal cuts

Paul Gessing, president of New Mexico's Rio Grande Foundation, a research and educational organization dedicated to promoting prosperity for New Mexico, writes about the perilous condition of the federal budget. Generally, the Rio...


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