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 By Rube Render    Voices

Transparent Nord Stream investigation required

Approximately two months ago, the Seymour Hersh article, “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline” appeared on Substack. No major newspaper chose to publish this... — Updated 3/19/2023


Letter to the editor - March 19

CCC already has qualified person for president position If I read the paper correctly, Robin Jones has been executive vice president for some time, and interim president at Clovis Community College since Aug 8. Why do we need to se... — Updated 3/18/2023

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: DeSantis' Reagan roots can be a strength

Presumably, Donald Trump will never produce the dark secrets promised about Ron DeSantis’ past. But his team thinks it already has one -- the Florida governor once was a Reagan... — Updated 3/18/2023


Opinion: Nothing kind in ending life before its time

The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin embraced a philosophy that perfectly captures the official Catholic position on human value: the “consistent ethic of life,” more commonly... — Updated 3/18/2023

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: Sanders' brand of change attractive to many

It was 2016 and my brother Don called from Tennessee. It was primary election day there and he wanted to talk about it. He started with praise for a renegade candidate running on the Republican ticket, the billionaire businessman D... — Updated 3/18/2023


Faith: Ask God for the courage to continue singing

It’s a sure sign that you’re beginning to learn at least a little about something when you begin to realize how very little you really know about it at all. And it’s an... — Updated 3/14/2023


Can't wait to share Buck Wilson's story

Forty years ago this May, I remember standing in a long line on the floor of Greyhound Arena to receive my diploma from Eastern New Mexico University. My dentist — and dear... — Updated 3/14/2023

 By Paul Gessing    Voices

Opinion: Interest rate cap study warning to NM

Elected officials who use the power of government to “help” people often fail to account for the possible unintended consequences of their actions. Even the noblest of... — Updated 3/14/2023

 By Bloomberg News    Voices

Opinion: Governments should compete for residents, not for businesses Inc.’s pause of its plans to expand its second headquarters in Northern Virginia reflects some deep underlying trends — not just for metropolitan Washington, where I live, but for regional development more... — Updated 3/14/2023

 By Elwood Watson    Voices

Opinion: With free speech comes responsibility

It’s been a few weeks since Dilbert creator Scott Adams was canceled by hundreds of newspapers across the nation, as well as Canada, for racist tirades he unleashed on his own... — Updated 3/14/2023


Counterpoint: Advantages abound with clock-change

Today’s Daylight Saving Time system — spring-to-fall DST followed by winter Standard Time — is an excellent compromise, providing DST’s many advantages the majority of the year and yet avoiding winter Standard Time’s... — Updated 3/11/2023


Point: Make Standard Time permanent

Almost everyone hates springing forward and falling back every year. Moving clocks ahead one hour in March only to return them to their previous settings in November wastes time — literally. No adjustments to clocks change the... — Updated 3/11/2023

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Scott Adams aside, still plenty of comic strips out there

I’m heartbroken that cartoonist Scott Adams recently self-destructed — but hold the presses! This big, beautiful world still has plenty of comic strips to tickle our funny bones. Don’t believe me? I crunched the numbers and... — Updated 3/11/2023


Opinion: US's reliance on Russian uranium a growing problem

Hard as it might seem to believe, a year after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, nothing has been done to stop the flow of billions of dollars that Russia is making from selling nuclear fuel to the United States. The... — Updated 3/11/2023

 By Tom McDonald    Voices

Opinion: History of misleading journalism keeps repeating

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely no straight-line comparison, but it’s like good ol’ Mark Twain said: History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Let’s start with a look at the birth of cable news. Ted... — Updated 3/11/2023

 By Rube Render    Voices

Opinion: Is it time to impeach President Biden?

Last week I discussed Seymour Hersh’s charges that Nord Stream was destroyed by the U.S. government, acting under the direction of President Joseph R. Biden. These charges have... — Updated 3/11/2023

 By Kent McManigal    Voices

Opinion: A freer world worth a little pain

Almost no one enjoys pain. Humans spend a lot of time, effort, and money avoiding it or trying to avoid it. Often, pain is unavoidable and sometimes it’s necessary. Occasionally,... — Updated 3/11/2023


Opinion: Proposed tax bill will cripple many state businesses

It seems as if everywhere you go in New Mexico these days, businesses have “help wanted” signs, or reduced hours and services, or both. Many New Mexicans had hoped lawmakers would offer meaningful business tax relief during... — Updated 3/11/2023


Faith: Old home probably still has marks of my living there

I don’t know why, but I found myself recently looking at some Google Maps views of an old house. How, I wondered, could it be that old? It was the house that was “my” house, m... — Updated 3/7/2023


Tip of my hat to my tire shop guys

On the old television sitcom, “Cheers,” every time the character Norm Peterson walked into the bar “where everybody knows your name,” all the folks in the room turned and sh... — Updated 3/7/2023

 By Elwood Watson    Voices

Opinion: Nothing unmasculine in seeking help

John Fetterman’s announcement that he has checked himself into a hospital was met with bipartisan praise. Far right politicians from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to fellow Pennsylvania... — Updated 3/7/2023

 By Michael Reagan    Voices

Opinion: 'Woke' politicians won't stop crime

The poor Democrats trapped in the bloody and broken city of Chicago finally came to their senses. In their primary election for mayor last week they gave the boot to their goofy... — Updated 3/7/2023


Opinion: Dilbert rejection shows the free market at work

The saga of the comic strip “Dilbert” and the racist rants of its creator, Scott Adams, isn’t the out-of-control cancel culture that Twitter boss Elon Musk and others on the right claim. It’s actually an example of the... — Updated 3/7/2023

 By Landry Sena    Voices

Mom saves day from scammer

Like many families, mine has a group chat for texting. I feel like my mom, Robin Widner, is the most active in it, because she’s always warning us to look out for this or watch out for that. She manages a bank in Melrose, so... — Updated 3/6/2023


Opinion: Baldwin failed all the rules of gun safety

We can all agree Alec Baldwin did not mean to kill cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, leaving her husband a widower and her then-9-year-old son motherless. He should not be, and was not, charged with murder. But, nor should this... — Updated 3/4/2023


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