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Faith: Thankful for a Thanksgiving good time

I am writing, or trying to write, in a turkey-induced stupor. Well, that’s at least partly correct. But not, I think, the turkey part. Our family had a really nice Thanksgiving.... — Updated 11/29/2022


Faith: Grace to you and yours this Thanksgiving

Saying grace. It’s an interesting term. What about ... Saying mercy. Saying hope. Saying love. We don’t “say” those things. But we “say grace.” And we know exactly what... — Updated 11/22/2022


Faith: Best to stay by the fire and not linger out in the cold

You are reading the words of a man who feels, at least for the moment, that he’s done what he can to provide for his family. And I feel good about that. Warm, even. A quick look... — Updated 11/15/2022


Faith: Don't forget to thank God for reminder of promise

Seasons are good, and I’m glad I live in a place where we get a distinct taste of each of them. “For everything there is a season,” writes the wise man in Ecclesiastes 3, “a... — Updated 11/8/2022


Faith: Christians need more than a video screen to truly worship

I was laughing with some of my colleagues. Whether or not you were virus-screened regularly as 2020 and COVID-19 hit us hard, most churches were thrust into a love/hate... — Updated 11/1/2022


Faith: Even good things end, and God knows when time has come

“When the time had fully come, God sent his Son” — Galatians 4:4 Ten words in English. Thirteen in Greek. Packed full of enough wonder to fill the universe. I’m baffled by... — Updated 10/25/2022


Faith: Most Americans don't take enough time off

Americans, in general, are rotten at taking time off. For decades, the statistics have been pretty clear about that. Factor in the “Great Resignation” of the last couple of year... — Updated 10/18/2022


Faith: God our guide when we're 'fish out of water'

A fish out of water. It’s rather amazing how easy it is to be one of those finny creatures. We’re not talking here about lip injections and a person (I’m avoiding sexism... — Updated 10/11/2022


Faith: Fulfilling and faithful to live and die with the Lord

It was in winter, the Apostle John writes (John 10), “at the time of Hanukkah,” when Jesus was at Jerusalem and in the Temple. “Surrounded” by some really religious folks... — Updated 10/4/2022


Faith: Thank God for the scribes of the Bible

At our church, we recently replaced two old computers. It was time, and it needed to be done, but, as much as I enjoy playing with new technology and was looking forward to being... — Updated 9/27/2022


Faith: 'In the year that Queen Elizabeth II died ...'

Tomorrow, as I’m writing, the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II will be held at Westminster Abbey. (My invitation seems to have been lost in the mail.) Seventy years and 214 days.... — Updated 9/20/2022


Faith: Important to know when you're right, but wrong

Knowing right from wrong is important; knowing when we’re right but wrong is a fruit of deeper wisdom. It is, you see, frighteningly easy to be “correct” on an issue but to be... — Updated 9/13/2022


Faith: Why are these water-logged disciples afraid?

The Son of God. Utterly exhausted. Mind-boggling. And directly tied to the most amazing truth in the universe. God is not an impersonal “force.” He is not a Creator who... — Updated 9/6/2022


Faith: Genuinely love God with proper 'dish-washing'

Be not deceived! Proper dish-washing matters. At least, Jesus seemed to think so. In Matthew 23, he scalds the “religious leaders and Pharisees” for their hypocrisy: “You are... — Updated 8/30/2022


Faith: World renewed by God's gift of rain

Where I live, it never rains. In the past it did, at least, a little bit. As the old joke used to go, “Our annual rainfall is about 17 inches. You should be here on the day we... — Updated 8/23/2022


Faith: Consorting with skunks carries consequences

We ran over a skunk the other night. My wife, her former judicial honor who still wields authority in my direction even if she is no longer officially invested with such, would... — Updated 8/16/2022


Faith: Blessed and honored to be friends with kind, gracious people

If all of our eggs are in this earthly “basket,” how sad. I find myself thinking of the Apostle Paul’s words written, of course, specifically to Christians: “If for this lif... — Updated 8/9/2022


Faith: I love to sing for the joy of God

If you know me, you know that I like to sing. I’ll sing when nobody’s listening. I’ll sing when 12 people are listening. I’ll sing when 612 are listening. Give me half a... — Updated 8/2/2022


Faith: God is the ultimate authority on immortality

As a serious lover of coffee, and as a mortal, I read the headline with interest: “People With Daily Intake Of 1.5 to 3.5 Cups Of Coffee Less Likely To Die.” I find this... — Updated 7/26/2022


Faith: Best to remember all earthly wealth belongs to God

If a cup of coffee on the patio on a nice morning won’t bring you joy, neither will owning a yacht. Or something like that. I don’t remember the exact quote. I recently read it... — Updated 7/19/2022


Faith: Pick your own figures that make you think, thank, laugh

Usually when a public figure of some sort declares that the latest election or Supreme Court decision was “the last straw,” and they’re seriously considering depriving the... — Updated 7/12/2022


Faith: God doesn't need two-factor authentication

I guess I’m safe. On my computer, I mean. My passwords for my online accounts are so strong that I can’t even get into half of my own accounts more than half of the time. And... — Updated 7/5/2022


Faith: Best to keep our eyes on 'the good'

Large letters on a big billboard read “See The Good.” White words on a black background. Caps and lower case, just as rendered here. I don’t know who paid for the billboard... — Updated 6/29/2022


Faith: We all have a Father who could not possibly love us more

I’m writing this on Father’s Day. About an hour from now, it will be the day after Father’s Day. But I will never have a day when I don’t think about my father. I’ve... — Updated 6/21/2022


Faith: Finding it's hard to gripe and give thanks at the same time

I feel like I’m writing this particular column about five months early. It’s the kind of thing that I’d normally center on just before Thanksgiving. As I write, it is not... — Updated 6/14/2022


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