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My Turn: Pay now or pay later

I was talking to Norm Behr, who works as a circulation assistant for Freedom New Mexico. He told me about this guy he knew who got an itch and decided to just go fishing without a license at a lake in Colorado because he heard the fish were jumping and biting at anything.

A Colorado Department of Game and Fish game warden caught him. He ended up with a citation for not having a fishing license.

Well, this guy decided that he wasn’t going to pay it because he didn’t live in Colorado. Why bother, he thought.

Two years later, this guy moved to Colorado for a job. One day while driving he came upon a roadblock. Police discovered there was a warrant for his arrest because he didn’t pay the fine. He was taken into custody.

There’s a lesson here: Next time you think about not paying that ticket you got for not having a fishing license or some other violation, better pay up. Sooner or later it will get you.

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