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Rabbits have good thing going


That new movie “Alice in Wonderland” has been showing at theaters here on the High Plains.

I overheard someone talking about it the other day, talking about Alice’s adventures “down the rabbit hole.”

I’d like to trudge on down the rabbit hole we have out back of The Stucco Hacienda. The two girl rabbits have dug what I’m sure is a nice network of tunnels.

It has the approval of Mr. Toad. Here it was a few days ago, still winter, I stepped out to chat with the rabbits and noticed a toad sitting in the sun at the hole entrance. He had apparently wintered underground with the rabbits and came out to kick back in some late winter rays.

Some time ago I stuck my camera in the hole to see if I could get an idea of what was down there. After a few attempts to get just the right angle I finally got a good shot. Nothing spectacular, smooth dirt tunnel walls trailed off into the darkness.

I thought it’d be cool to spend a few hundred dollars on a remote controlled camera on little tractor treads to go down into the tunnel and have a peek.

The Lady of the House gave me one of those “Are you serious?” looks.

I’m fully aware that down that rabbit hole out back there’s no Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee. Instead I’m sure our rabbits have a large screen TV, a bar and pool table. They probably have a secret entrance where boy rabbits can come and go.

No, I know it’s just a rabbit hole. There’s probably a nice cozy place to sleep lined with grasses and fur. Come on, don’t you envy them? A nice, cozy underground lair away from the summer heat, winter cold and high winds? I do.


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