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Reader reaction

We asked our Facebook followers, “What’s something every teen should know?”

Some responses:

Savannah Borquez: Learn about building credit.

Laurie Birch Kennedy: The choices you make today will affect you tomorrow.

Resa Ann McCard: How to change a tire.

Sabryna J. Duran: Think twice. Babies aren't easy to take care of. Friends won't always be friends.

Roy Barela: Respect.

Eric Vigil: Don't rush life, and don't try to be someone you are not. It’s what is inside you that defines you, not what you look like or who you hang with.

Gaylinda Long: Get scholarships. Do not let student loans affect your financial future.

Alex Alvarado: Get out of Clovis as soon as you graduate.

Robin Nations: How to do laundry and cook.

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