Blaming Obamacare hides real problems


I think the article on Friday’s front page concerning the eye care office closure is a bunch of malarkey.

Their explanation is so confusing. First they blame Obamacare and then Medicaid. Why don’t they come out and say it’s about money/greed and that they can’t afford their Mercedes payments anymore?

They sucked the blood out of our community for 30 years. What happened to community service? Doctors should take the community into consideration.

The letter to the editor on Saturday — Obamacare responsible for health care ills by Pat Weekley — is equally ridiculous. Weekley qualifies for Medicare so why blame Obamacare? I know the writer is concerned about office closures, but laying blame to the programs that serve the poor is biting the hand that feeds you.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that Obamacare and Medicare were both introduced by Democrat presidents. People should not vote based on one party or the other based on heritage. Washington should be run by people for the people, not their self-interests. I believe the current administration is doing a fine job.

Homer Pena



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