Going hi-tech with homework


For many working parents, staying up-to-date about what’s going on in the classroom can be a challenge.

But thanks to the Internet and teachers, parents can catch up on what’s been happening at school.

Information available to parents — and kids — includes homework assignments, test schedules, teachers’ notes and project access.

In the Clovis area, all of the public elementary, junior high schools and senior high schools offer such Web sites, although the content varies from school to school.

Diana Russell, principal of Marshall Junior High School, said the sites are easily accessible.

“All you have to do is go to the Clovis Web site and you can access any school in town,” she said.

The district’s Web site is at


The “schools” link at the top of the page offers access to each individual school.

At Clovis High School, a series of club and organizational sites are available, while several teachers and departments offer course outlines, study guides, recommended reading and course necessities, such as paper, books and additional equipment.

Also included on the site are pages for the theater department, choir, band and many other organizations.

At Gattis Junior High School’s site, a homework bank is available to students in all three grades. The site is well maintained and updated. Also available at this site are the basketball schedule and links to the school’s monthly newsletter, faculty and class pages, programs and upcoming events.

At the Marshall Junior High School Web site, there are links to

the principal and assistant principal pages, guidance counselor, sports and activities.

A large school directory is featured, in which some of the teachers offer links to thier own pages. While most offer an outline of their courses and materials needed, there is no school-wide homework bank available.

At the Yucca Junior High School Web site, as well, there are links to faculty, the monthly newsletter, upcoming events, class pages and programs. An in-depth outline of each grade’s required class list, electives and extracurricular activities is available, as well as a link to a site offering tips on putting together a Power Point presentation.

Most, if not all, of the teachers listed on all of the Web sites are available via e-mail.

At the elementary school level, all of the Web sites offer a unique and personal insight into the people and students at their schools. All of the sites offer the usual links to faculty, class pages, newsletters and events.


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