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Opinion: Thanks for the pickin', grinnin' and 'Yesterday'

For those of us old enough to remember when television brought families together — in the same room at the same time, with commercial interruption because that was the only choice back then — Thursday was a sad day. Roy Clark d... — Updated 11/17/2018


Opinion: Century later, first Great War not forgotten

Historians estimate more than 115,000 Americans died in the first modern-day Great War we’ve come to call World War I. That casualty list included about 500 in New Mexico; dozens from our part of the state have been identified as... — Updated 11/7/2018


Opinion: Information best way to stay safe in violent world

Some parents of Portales public school students are upset with school officials. They think someone should have told them about a threat of violence as soon as that threat was received — not after the threat was contained. Those... — Updated 11/4/2018


Opinion: It's a scary night; be careful out there

Some special interest groups would have us believe crime increases on Halloween night. This might be true, or not, depending on many factors: the weather, the night of the week, whether communities offer organized activities, etc.... — Updated 10/31/2018


Opinion: Vote for less government, more liberty

We’ve basically published this editorial before, most recently prior to the General Election in 2016, so please excuse the repetition, but we think it is important: We don’t endorse political candidates. That’s primarily beca... — Updated 10/29/2018


Opinion: Government needs to communicate about water

It’s not time to panic. Even if your water well should test positive for PFAS contamination, there are filters you can buy, and we don’t have evidence to fear the contamination has been there for long, meaning exposure has... — Updated 10/23/2018


Opinion: Espanola scores in playing game without fans

High school football can build character. There is little doubt the sport teaches young people the value of work ethic, discipline and camaraderie. And when emotions spiral out of control, there is another lesson the game can... — Updated 10/22/2018


Opinion: The best month of the year? It's October, of course

We don’t often editorialize strongly on behalf of green grass, sunshine or happy faces. Everybody loves those things, so there’s no reason to start a discussion on such topics in hopes of exchanging ideas that might lead to... — Updated 10/19/2018


Opinion: Tucumcari also good location for a racetrack

If crowd size and enthusiasm were determining factors, the New Mexico Racing Commission could have rubber-stamped a horse-racing license to Tucumcari well before the end of the Oct. 4 hearing. It was hard for anyone to not be... — Updated 10/14/2018


Opinion: Family-friendly places are full of liberty lovers

CLOVIS — We need more businesses in town. We need more jobs, with higher pay, and more reasons to spend our entertainment dollars at home instead of traveling to Lubbock or Amarillo. But a few folks don’t want just any new... — Updated 10/12/2018 Full story


Opinion: Maybe, baby, Petty studios will live forever

Music royalty visited Clovis last week. Robert Plant stayed just long enough to remind us we still have one of the most iconic connections to rock and roll history hidden away on West Seventh Street. Plant, lead singer for Led... — Updated 10/12/2018


Opinion: Officials don't put personal views above city interest

It’s difficult to know how much the New Mexico Racing Commission will weigh public comments in deciding where it will place the state’s sixth racino. If public comments are an essential part of its deliberations, you can bet... — Updated 10/12/2018 Full story


Debate is welcome, but investors decide if ponies get to run

Critics site the potential for more crime, more poverty and more opportunity for addiction. Proponents point to economic benefits and “something fun to do.” They’re both right, of course. Horse races outside a casino — or... — Updated 8/11/2018 Full story


One dead in dairy shooting

A Texico man was found shot to death Thursday afternoon at a Curry County dairy. One man is in custody and has been identified as the suspected shooter, Sheriff Wesley Waller said in a news release. Mairon Franco Rodriguez, 23,... — Updated 6/15/2018 Full story


Clovis schools set good example for public entities

We don’t always agree with local public officials, especially those who favor back-room negotiations over transparency and “majority rules” over what’s right and just. That should come as no surprise as we’ve not been... — Updated 9/24/2017


Information can promote healing, increase awareness

CLOVIS — On Friday, our newspaper published audio recordings of 911 calls placed to Clovis Police dispatchers during the horrific shootings at our city library on Aug. 28. As one might expect, those calls were emotional and... — Updated 9/18/2017 Full story


First responders prevented more Monday tears

The first call for help came from the Clovis-Carver Public Library at 4:13 p.m. on Monday. Twelve minutes later, ambulances were already making their way to Plains Regional Medical Center with injured shooting victims and the man... — Updated 9/3/2017 Full story


It's never wrong to stand up for individual rights

The Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority, and its predecessors, have been trying for decades to build a water pipeline from Ute Lake to the Clovis-Portales area. Millions of dollars have already been spent, millions more are... — Updated 4/9/2017


Why, yes, Clovis: There are options for reducing taxes

City of Clovis officials have been warning us for years and they started the process on Thursday: Taxes are going up. Commissioners say they practically have no choice because of actions taken by the state in 2013 that have... — Updated 3/8/2017


Coach Roanhaus, warts and all, will be missed

Three things we will always remember about Eric Roanhaus: • The success of his Clovis High School football teams; • His, um, political incorrectness; • The loyalty that went both ways with his players. Roanhaus, 69, announced... — Updated 12/25/2016


Lodger's tax good example of unfair taxation

Travis Tritt is coming to Clovis and it’s going to be great, right? He’s a member of a “Country Club,” you know, and if “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” he can run into “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.” A lot of us love his music... — Updated 12/12/2016


University's false alarms need to stop

PORTALES — Oops. Somebody accidentally pushed a button Wednesday morning and cops swarmed around the Student Academic Services building on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University. At the same time, students, faculty and... — Updated 12/5/2016


Weekly New Mexico fishing report

This fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and anglers. Conditions encountered after the report is compiled may differ,... — Updated 11/29/2016


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