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Opinion: Climate change progress, U.S. mining linked

Clamp a hefty fee on every mineral mined in the United States? The House Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., is backing a bill that would place new royalties and additional taxes on domestically... — Updated 9/18/2021


Opinion: U.S. is neglecting mineral supply chain

Copper is the new "gold." Driven by its use in electric-vehicle batteries, wind turbines and other clean energy technologies, copper has doubled in price in the past year and the Bank of America says it could double again by 2025.... — Updated 5/22/2021


Opinion: US must alter policies to keep up with China

China’s dominance of critical materials used to produce everything from advanced weapons systems to electric vehicles and solar panels is a problem so glaring both the Trump and Biden administrations have singled it out as an... — Updated 3/6/2021


Opinion: Energy agenda should focus on clean coal

Are renewable sources of energy ready to stand on their own two feet? After billions already spent and substantial subsidies that continue, wind and solar power generated only 9% of U.S. demand in 2019. In contrast, coal and... — Updated 7/11/2020


Opinion: No avoiding fossil fuels' continued use

Set aside the rhetoric on global warming, we are going to have to open the throttle on oil, natural gas and coal production to power our economic recovery. Together they account for 80% of America’s energy supplies. To get our... — Updated 5/23/2020


Opinion: Pandemic good time to bring copper back

In the battle against pandemics, one material that could go a long way toward reducing infections and preventing the spread of pathogens has been largely overlooked. It’s so effective that we would be remiss not to make greater... — Updated 4/28/2020


Murkowski measure promising opportunity for self-reliance

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, deserves to be commended for taking on the growing keep-it-in-the-ground sentiment that’s hampering mining on public lands. As head of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Murkowski... — Updated 1/18/2020


Industry must find emissions balance

There is no more disputing it: methane emissions are dropping even as oil and gas production continues to surge in America’s top shale basins, including the prolific Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico. Methane is a potent... — Updated 5/11/2019


Wind, solar could be more costly than they seem

Last year, virtually all new electricity generation in the United States came from natural gas and renewables like solar and wind. At first glance it appears these energy sources are winning the marketplace, but that’s hardly... — Updated 4/20/2019


Opinion: Electric vehicles offer breakthrough

The most telling thing about the sharp swings in gasoline prices is that the United States is still beholden to Saudi Arabia despite the shale boom. That reflects the fundamental risk of continuing to rely on gasoline cars.... — Updated 12/15/2018


We shouldn't turn our backs on coal power

We’re now getting an idea of just how expensive shutting down coal plants can be. A study by IHS Markit, an energy research firm, shows that higher electricity prices resulting from a loss of fuel diversity, due in large part to... — Updated 10/5/2018


China isn't just another natural gas customer

New Mexico prospers on the new and innovative. Oil and natural gas production in shale formations has given us both. Starting about a decade ago, producers began to unlock massive new supplies of oil and gas from shale basins,... — Updated 8/11/2018


Keeping coal plants viable only makes sense

Over the past decade, a revolution in the U.S. gas industry has clouded the outlook for coal in the production of electricity. Coal’s share of the nation’s power supply has tumbled from more than 50 percent to 30 percent... — Updated 5/9/2018


Oil, natural gas still critical to nation's energy needs

Oil and natural gas production is surging in New Mexico and nationally. But there’s a hidden danger lurking in the shadows: divestment. Over the past decade, critics of the petroleum industry have mounted a “keep-it-in-the-grou... — Updated 2/26/2018


Country too dependent on natural gas

There is no overstating the extent to which the United States is quickly becoming over-dependent on one fuel for production of electricity — natural gas. This growing reliance exposes consumers of natural gas and electricity to... — Updated 10/23/2017


Being energy competitive is in our national interest

To many skeptics, the decline in America’s oil and gas production more than a decade ago — and rising dependence on OPEC imports — demonstrated the energy industry’s shaky future. Fast forward to today. Thanks to the... — Updated 8/13/2017


Eliminating renewable fuel standard a question of fairness

Low fuel efficiency, high cost, engine corrosion, rising food prices, world famine, prairie grassland losses, and sinking water tables — these are some of the unintended consequences that the government’s ethanol mandate has... — Updated 4/14/2017


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