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 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Consider a live and let leaf attitude this fall

If you don’t like my opinions this week, you can take a flying leap … into a pile of festive autumn leaves. (Skip the wet sucker — per Linus van Pelt.) In this great melting pot of a nation, people have many ways of handling... — Updated 10/9/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Lifestyles

Let our son take the hit on family portrait day

My family took the easy way out — again. We had our annual chance at a professional portrait and decided to let (insist) son Gideon pose solo for the umpteenth time. Oh, we’ve had three-person portraits before and every once... — Updated 7/31/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Lifestyles

Trust fund for pets could give you peace of mind

Sure, it made the rounds of the “News of the Weird” columns when a Nashville businessman left $5 million in a trust fund for his beloved border collie Lulu. But such gestures aren’t as eccentric as you might think. Many... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Lifestyles

Seeing college recruiting brochures bittersweet experience

It has been a bittersweet experience seeing the mailbox flooded with college recruiting brochures addressed to my son Gideon. Bittersweet because, speaking as a science fiction fan, each “road not taken” represents an... — Updated 1/23/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Lifestyles

Looking forward to son getting more comfortable with driving

My son Gideon certainly had a high-octane understanding of the theory of driving last winter. As far as the rubber meeting the road, not so much. My wife and I were relieved that he was enrolled in drivers education in high... — Updated 1/9/2021

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Accentuate positive sounds this year

For Christmas 50 years ago, my parents splurged and bought me a compact reel-to-reel tape recorder. My father had whetted my appetite with remarks that one could build a primitive voice recorder along the lines of Thomas... — Updated 12/26/2020

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: EPA serves as ecological conscience

It may be the sort of birthday where someone shouts, “50 candles blazing on the cake? Are you crazy? Why don’t we just fill a pinata with cow methane while we’re at it???” I’m speaking of the 50th anniversary of the... — Updated 11/28/2020

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Commercial radio capitalism at its best

Did you realize that commercial radio got its start on Nov. 2, 1920, when legendary KDKA in Pittsburgh broadcast the results of the Harding-Cox presidential race? Almost overnight, radio transitioned from domination by ham... — Updated 10/31/2020

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: 50th anniversary of Mary Tyler Moore Show's end coming up

What were you doing the night of Saturday, March 19, 1977? Like 21.2 million other Americans, I was watching the final episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Watching it and making a nerdy audio recording of it for posterity.... — Updated 9/12/2020

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Reacquainting myself with Bradbury

I was jealous of my wife a couple of years ago. Our son’s sophomore English class read Ray Bradbury’s cautionary novel “Fahrenheit 451” and she found the time to read along. My writing deadlines and regimen of prioritizing... — Updated 8/15/2020

 By Danny Tyree    Voices

Opinion: Confidential sources are becoming overrated

What spoils even more evening meals than robocalls? How about newscasts with their endless stream of titillating revelations coyly attributed to “reliable sources,” “people close to the matter,” “people familiar with the... — Updated 7/11/2020


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