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By Rob Langrell

Boy Scouts: Sorry to see ya go


October 15, 2017

We lost a great organization this week. What we’ve long known as the Boy Scouts of America is done.

Kaput. Sayonara. Adios. Dead in the water.

The group announced last week that, beginning next year, it will accept females into its ranks.

It may be a progressive decision. It’s certainly one that’s unnecessary. Basically, it’s a whopper of a mistake.

Once again, a private organization — which I remind you —can make its own rules and, within reason, do whatever it likes. That’s the perks of such a private group.

Don’t like it? Don’t join. Move along.

Now, Boy Scouts has succumbed to peer pressure, political correctness and the almighty dollar.

Membership has been declining in Boy Scouts. Its solution: Open up the group to females and raid from the ranks of the Girl Scouts.

Horrible mistake.

We’ve long had two separate and distinct organizations: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Detached from each other, and for very good reason.

Whether it’s as unpretentious as the famous cookies for the girls versus overpriced popcorn for the boys, they’ve maintained their own identities. They do things on their own, have their own sets of badges and mold boys into young men and girls into young women.


Some of the banter has pushed the agenda that now young ladies can earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Mind you, Girl Scouts has long had its equivalent honor called the Gold Award.

At the end of the day, having either of those ranks or distinctions doesn’t come with automatic perks such as getting into the college you desire or landing that dream job. It might get you started on the right track to success, but nothing in life is given to you.

Why even venture toward inclusion when it comes to scouts?

Mind you, there are still all-male and all-female colleges out there. You may be surprised to learn that only three of the male variety exist today in the United States compared to 37 that carry the feminine distinction.

Oh, the horror. And there are plenty of other examples.

Fraternities. Sororities. The Knight of Columbus. The Red Hat Society.

I could go on — I won’t. Each operates as an all-male or all-female entity, and that’s OK. Yes, absolutely 100 percent acceptable.

This change by the Boy Scouts opens the door for so many larger messes as well.

For instance, that next camping trip that mixes teenage boys and girls better have a whole lot of extra chaperones. Else, the Boy Scouts will create a new badge for the occasion: First kiss under the moonlight.

Mark my words, this is just the beginning of the obituary for Boy Scouts of America. May it Rest in Peace.

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