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Opinion: Goodbyes tough, but say hello to new publisher

Goodbyes can be difficult. I’ve learned that I’m so much better at hellos. Today marks the start of my last week as publisher at Clovis Media. My family and I arrived in eastern New Mexico a... Full story


Frequency change brings new approach to The News

We're turning the page on another chapter of local journalism this week. As most of you already know from my column a few weeks ago, The Eastern New Mexico News is transitioning to a twice-weekly... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    News    September 9, 2018

News moving to twice-a-week publication

Newspapers across the nation have undergone a multitude of changes in recent years. Adapting to readership and advertising trends has become critical for success. We're no different here at The... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    July 29, 2018

Vendors buzzing at farmers markets

I received a crash course in beekeeping last week. Firstly, I had no idea there are hives located at residences right in the heart of the city of Clovis. Little-known fact No. 2 — at least to me... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    July 15, 2018

Daily TV listings to replace 'Just TV' product

We’ve made a few modifications here at The Eastern New Mexico News. Some of the changes may have already been noticed; others will take effect next Sunday. I’m here to pass along our rationale... Full story

 By rob langrell    Voices    May 27, 2018

until stanley cup is secure, nix the capitals

in professional sports, expansion teams tend to get beaten up like red-headed stepchildren. remember the likes of the houston texans, tampa bay buccaneers, vancouver grizzlies, toronto raptors? what... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 15, 2018

Society has lost its cotton-pickin' mind

Sadly, we now live in an age where someone somewhere will always be offended by something. Case in point: On Wednesday night, Oklahoma Thunder play-by-play announcer Brian Davis referred to how... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 1, 2018

Secretly moving squirrels is wrong

It nearly slipped by most of us at The News last week. That can happen sometimes when an announcement appears as a “Legal Notice” in the Classifieds pages without any kind of accompanying press re... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    March 4, 2018

Time for change; PLUS gets makeover

There’s a change coming this Wednesday, and we’re certain it’s going to be a big benefit to the community in many ways. Our free newspaper, My Eastern New Mexico PLUS, has undergone a facelift... Full story


Pats ready to make it two in a row

The two weeks of hype is just about over. The dust settles on Super Bowl LII — that's 52, for you non-Romans — this afternoon when the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles do battle for...


Time to lose 'Rooney Rule'

In Salem, West Virginia, it’s still against the law to eat candy less than 90 minutes before church services. Until a week ago, it was illegal for motorists to pump their own gas in parts of...


Matchbox trucks make nice addition to office

I've long heard and respected the phrase "Power of the Press." Undoubtedly, you have as well. It wasn't until this week that I learned that expression could come complete with wheels and a die-cast...


Dare I switch up holiday traditions?

It’s the time of year again for that great debate: Is it OK to gear up for Christmas before Thanksgiving is even celebrated? I’ve long been a believer that the Christmas decorations, the yard... Full story


Color, gender don't matter on Election Day

Historic firsts took place all across the United States last week. As voters in scores of states — but not New Mexico — headed to the polls last Tuesday for the first regularly scheduled Election... Full story


Hunting excursion gives back to local vet

Later this week, local veteran Dennis "D.J." Johnson will be embarking on a hunting trip. A year ago around this time, he made the same excursion. It's all part of a "give back" program that a local h... Full story


Boy Scouts: Sorry to see ya go

We lost a great organization this week. What we’ve long known as the Boy Scouts of America is done. Kaput. Sayonara. Adios. Dead in the water. The group announced last week that, beginning next... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    October 8, 2017

Vegas massacre hit close to home

It was a jarring way to start a Monday morning. My wife woke me at the start of this past week to let me know there had been a horrible shooting in Las Vegas. It didn’t resonate right away, but as I...


Noah's dog is home safely; let's move forward

It began with a simple story about a lost dog. When it was all said and done, it had turned into a good old-fashioned brouhaha on Facebook. Let's back up a step to bring those unfamiliar with the... Full story


Wanted: Some good help in Clovis

Finding good help nowadays is seemingly getting tougher and tougher. Now I’m certainly not saying that there aren’t good people out there. To the contrary: I know there are great potential... Full story


Sadly, people learned where Clovis was this week

People across the nation and the world learned about Clovis this week. Sadly, it was for all of the wrong reasons. The mass shooting at the Clovis-Carver Public Library on Monday afternoon made news... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    August 27, 2017

Sunday TV guide getting facelift

This week, I wanted to take an opportunity to update you on a few things going on here at The Eastern New Mexico News. Here goes: • SUNDAY TV SECTION CHANGE: Beginning Sept. 3, we’re making some...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    August 20, 2017

Familiar kids battled for world title

For some of the more avid youth baseball fans out there, you may have flipped on your television to watch the American Legion World Series this past week. I count myself among those ranks. I...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    July 30, 2017

What fate should come to daycare owners?

It’s almost undoubtedly a parent’s worst nightmare. A phone call comes informing them that there’s been an accident involving their child. Hearts drop, minds race, tears flow. Parents who had...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    July 23, 2017

A tale of two airport arrests

While vacationing on the East Coast earlier this month, I heard an interesting news item about a man who had tried to carry a gun onto a plane. The gentleman worked for the taxpayers and was...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    June 25, 2017

Frying, not flying, as temps rise

As most of you are aware, summer officially started last week. However, well before the calendar flipped to June 20, the heat had already been turned up locally and on many of our friends to the...


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