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By Rob Langrell

Wacky week worries writer


It’s been one of those weird and wacky weeks of news, both locally and nationally. Let’s take a few minutes to recap some of those happenings and put them in perspective:

• Kathy Griffin made a photo with a bloody face of President Trump, posted it on Twitter and caused the masses to go into an uproar. Of course the comedian / TV host / actress quickly backtracked and apologized. But let’s remember, she certainly said sorry because of the “reaction” not for her “action.”

She crossed the line and it’s going to cost her big. Networks, venues, politicians and others are cutting ties with her as fast as they can. It’s a shame when a comedian can’t even figure out what’s funny anymore.

• Lt. Gen. Marshall Webb, the commander of Air Force Special Operations Command, was in town this week for the changing of leadership at Cannon Air Force Base — and dropped a “bombshell.”

Webb told those in attendance Friday that the “mother of all bombs” that was deposited on Afghanistan a couple of months ago was delivered by a Cannon aircraft.

Curiously, some of the folks on their Facebook pulpits wrote that we were putting Clovis “at risk” because we wrote a story about that. If those posters haven’t figured out that ISIS has a pretty good handle on intel in the United States and the world, they need to emerge from underneath that rock.

Terrorists like that don’t pull off attacks such as the 9/11 bombings, the Manchester concert violence and countless other vicious campaigns without a pretty good intelligence network.

Our town is no more at risk today than it was 10 years ago when the mission at the base became special operations.

• The Nationals’ Bryce Harper got drilled with a 98 mph fastball by Giants’ pitcher Hunter Strickland, apparently because Harper took him yard — twice — during the 2014 playoffs.

It was curious, if you watch the replay, that none of the hurler’s teammates apparently had his back after that bonehead decision to throw at his nemesis.

Typically, the catcher is going to grab or tackle the hitter long before he reaches the mound. Not San Fran backstop Buster Posey nor any of the Giants’ infielders looked very interested in joining the fracas that Strickland instigated.

Their lack of action resounded loudly when it comes to how they felt about the beanball.

• One of our longtime newspaper carriers, Mike Spell, was rear-ended in a traffic accident in Texico on Wednesday and airlifted to a hospital in Lubbock. He’s going to be OK and may even make it home this weekend.

Receiving word when things like that happen to a member of your newspaper family is devastating. Best wishes to a speedy recovery to Mike.

He and his family know they have the support of everyone at The Eastern New Mexico News.

• Tiger Woods grabbed the headlines again last week. And yet again, it wasn’t for his golf game. He spent the start of Memorial Day at a jail in Florida, where he was arrested and charged with DUI.

By now you’ve heard he apparently may have had a bad reaction to prescription painkillers and seen the video clips of his interaction with police officers who reported they came upon his car stopped on the road with the engine running and Tiger asleep at the wheel.

Simply put, his fall from grace has been a sad escapade. Here’s hoping he gets whatever help he needs to get his life back on track.

Rob Langrell is the publisher of The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact him at:


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