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Venture into anime worth it

Staff writer

About a year ago, my rank in nerdom rose to new heights.

It was not watching “Star Wars” for the 100th time or rereading the “Hobbit” for a fourth time, which I have done.

It was going into the dark dimension known as anime. Que shocked faces and disapproving glares.

My voyage into anime actually started with the series “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” which is an American show, but is in the style of anime. It got me to appreciate the style that some people I have talked to (my sister) say is “weird.”

Anime for those who don’t know is the Japanese word for cartoon, but it has its own style.

So my first actual anime that was made in Japan was “Attack on Titan.” The show follows three main characters who live in a world where people live inside huge walls.

The reason they live within the walls is because of humanoid giants called titans. These titans just want to eat humans. No one knows why and no one even knows where they came from.

The show as expected is violent and gory. Basically it is the Japanese version of the “Walking Dead,” which is one of the reasons I love this anime.

If you expect “Attack on Titan” to have characters with weird hair colors, you’re not going to get that.

The characters look like normal people and some have special powers, but that is a spoiler I won’t go into.

The show may be violent, but there is no sex, just blood, gore and death. A lot of characters die.

Yes, the show is dark, but so is “Game of Thrones” and a lot of television on now.

Though I was a little reluctant to watch an anime, because of all the prejudice behind it, I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did.

Staff writer Lillian Bowe can’t get the “Attack on Titan” theme song out of her head. She can be contacted at 575-356-4481 or by email at:

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