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Border Town Days brings families together for fun

link Vanessa Kahin: Staff photo

Participants in the Border Town Days parade, which took place Saturday morning near and in Farwell, wave at spectators.

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“Coming back to our roots” — this his how Jennifer Robinson of Farwell described attending the Border Town Days celebration Saturday.

“We come out here every year,” said Robinson, who recalled attending the event as a child.

She brought her own children to this year’s event — 2-year-old Elijah Jara, 5-year-old Jaylee Alvarado and 4-year-old Azaria Alvarado.

Robinson helped her children gather candy thrown by people in the parade’s floats.

Appropriate to the tone of the event, the Border Town Days parade began close to Texico and ran its course in Texico’s Texan twin, Farwell.

“It’s where I grew up,” Robinson said after describing the event as a return to her roots. “(It’s) where I come from. It’s coming back to everyone I know.”

Saturday marked Abilene, Texas, resident Johnny Vasquez’ first time attending Border Town Days, but, like Robinson, for Vasquez it was a family affair.

Vasquez said his five daughters, a son, and 12 grandchildren had gathered at the event.

“It was a lot of fun,” Johnny Vasquez said of the parade, which included various floats, road equipment, tractors, dancing horses and vintage cars, to name a few participants.

“We’re going to make a day of it,” Vasquez said, before heading to a Farwell park with his family for a Day in the Park event.

Day in the Park included various vendors, bouncy houses and a train ride for children.

Day in the Park also featured water wars — a game involving two people who throw water balloons at one another. Vasquez’ 16-year-old daughter, Raena Vasquez, of Clovis, played a match with her niece, 9-year-old Haija Rose of Farwell.

Other members of Vasquez’ family said they attended Border Town Days in the past, such as Vasquez’ stepdaughter and mother of Haija, Michelle Cordova.

From Farwell, Cordova said she attends Border Town Days every year. She referred to the event as a chance for family to gather.

“It’s a good opportunity for family to connect and have a good time,” she said. “I’m glad my stepdad could join me.”