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Check visiting rose gardens off wish list

link Sandy Fields

For years I've heard of the beautiful roses in Tyler, Texas. It was a destination on my wish list, and a few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to drink in that perfumed air and stroll through some of those lovely gardens.

While I work in my own little rose beds, pruning, dead-heading and weeding, I hear the voice of a sweet young docent echoing in my mind. She was telling us the grand history of a mansion and its owners. My goodness, the woman was so sprightly… at the age of 66 she was still out working in the rose gardens when she broke her hip.

All the middle-aged-and-beyond guests on our tour couldn't help but laugh. I suggested that 66 was the new 33.

Now when I'm bending over to clip a dried up bloom, I just grin and hope I truly don't break a hip. What a miserable joke that would be on me. Truthfully, some days I'm worn out and feel more like sitting on the porch than working with the roses. If my cat could drive, she'd probably load me up and take me to the doctor. (Yes, my gardening kitty is healthy again.)

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