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Christina Calloway

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I’m no weathergirl, didn’t go to school for meteorology and I’ve never done a rain dance, but I’m starting to think not only can I predict rain, I might be the one causing it.

Before you call me crazy, hear my theory out. It’s certainly not an educated one and my bachelor’s in journalism not only didn’t help me, it has nothing to do with it.

It’s going back to a specific law, known as that of Murphy’s. Anytime I do something that could be negatively affected by rain, it rains.

I’ll give you a few examples to paint a better picture.

In the first year I lived here, I got my car detailed to bring back that sparkly black coat. It seems like it rained non-stop the next day, enough for my car to turn into a boat.

Last year I had to go to Lubbock for a hair appointment. As I drove down the Texas highway, it seemed like a rain cloud followed me all the way to my destination. I get nervous driving in any weather that isn’t normal, especially because I’ve hydroplaned a few times.

And on Sunday when I thought the storm was going to pass us, I decided to style my hair. Sunday night’s shower caught me by surprise. I mean it was literally almost midnight and it still got me.

So, do what you want with that information. Just know you might want to grab an umbrella the next time you see me leave the hair salon.

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