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Nieka Style: Dumb dressing can afflict anybody

I have to admit there are some shows I watch purely for the fashion. When watching a program the first thing I notice is a person’s styling sensibility or lack there of.

I tune in to be inspired by something or someone fabulous. Either that or I end up critiquing the one that needs help or as my boss names it “who’s dressing dumb.”

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No one is exempt. Everyone from newscasters, talk show hosts to reality show personalities get slammed.

I can be quite bias in this guilty pleasure of mine considering that most of the time I tune in to shows with little substance but rather cater to fashion and superficiality. For instance, The Real Housewives of whatever town or the Kardashians. Depending on what show I’m viewing, initially the content comes secondary to the fashion.

Speaking of viewing, one of my favorite daytime talk shows is “The View.” Content and all. If I have to choose a fashion winner, Jenny McCarthy with her fabulous shoe game wins. My least favorite would have to Sherri Shepherd. I don’t always understand her whole ensemble on the daily.

Something is always off. Either it’s her wig choice pairing with her outfit or the way she walks out from backstage that throws me off. I suppose her strut is fierce.

As I glance over some breaking news on Sunni militants, I catch John Burns of the New York Times with some interesting hair. Salt, pepper and disheveled.

What did he see while looking in the mirror or was there even a mirror involved? Einstein, perhaps was the look he was going for. Let’s just say his hair looked like a hat as it sat a little sideways.

I suppose this observation is not typically what the average person notices when watching Ronan Farrow Daily or any other news broadcasting. But, hey, even in politics it’s an all inclusive affair.

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