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Foundation gets started


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Roosevelt General Hospital’s Foundation is taking on its first major project for 2014, one it hopes will better the hospital’s service to the community.

Staying with the theme “14,” the foundation’s 14 for 14 Campaign aims to raise $14,000 for 14 chairs this year.

The chairs will provide patients’ rooms with a comfortable place for loved ones to rest during extended stays at the hospital, according to an RGH press release.

RGH Spokesman Greg McFarland said it’s important for patients to feel comfortable as well as their family members, who stay and visit with them.

“We just saw it as something we were lacking,” McFarland said. “We just wanted to make sure they had comfort. We want to make sure the patient’s family is taken care of.”

Each chair will cost about $1,000 each, and will be able to recline and be used as a sleeping surface for those who wish to stay extended hours.

The 14 chairs, which have to be of medical quality, will give the hospital the ability to put a chair in a majority of patients’ rooms.

“Not many truly enjoy hospital stays, but everyone deserves a comfortable stay while there,” said RGH Foundation President Glen O’Rear in the press release. “That’s why the Foundation believes this should be a priority. We would like to see 14 new chairs in the hospital and are hoping that the community will be as passionate about this project as we are.”

Foundation board member Lisa Schmidt said this is a huge step for both the foundation and the hospital.

“We want to show the community that we are committed to quality health care in our area, and also that we are working towards better patient care each day,” Schmidt said in the press release. “The board is very excited about this new project and so far we have received great feedback and wonderful financial support. We believe 2014 will be a great year for the foundation as well as the community.”

The foundation will be working with local furniture store Valley Furniture to purchase the chairs.

Karen Inge with Valley Furniture said the company is helping RGH attain the medical-grade chairs and is happy to be working with the community on this project.

“We’re going to do anything we can for our hospital,” Inge said.

The RGH Foundation is welcoming all levels of donations. To coincide with the 14 for 14 Campaign, board members are suggesting people donate $14.

The foundation is currently accepting donations through the online fundraising page, which can be found on the RGH website.

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