Nieka Style: Skinny jeans tough fit for men


D'Nieka Hartsfield

As much as I admire the look, my significant other would not be caught dead wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

There were times when we were out shopping and I would jokingly take him a pair to try on and he would always give me this “yeah, right” look. At least, I thought it was pretty funny.

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I would say this trend became mainstream again around 2005. I have since followed the trend. I happen to love a great pair of skinnies.

The skinny jeans’ longevity in the fashion world is pretty forcible. The great thing about them is that even though they are known as skinny jeans, virtually anyone can wear them because a good majority of them are made with elastic materials.

The next best thing is they are a versatile pair of pants and you can pair them with almost any shoe. Men look great in them with a high top sneaker or loafer if they want to dress them up.

But what is it about these super slim fitting pants that men shy away from? Well, most say it’s because of the lack of breathing room. One co-worker says he has to have room for things to move around and there was never a time in his liife that he could have worn these jeans. Likewise, a lot of men I have spoken to have a similiar answer.

But none of the men I have spoken to have said they’re not particularly fans of the look but that they prefer a looser slim-fitted trouser as opposed to super-skinny pants.

I suppose if you’re not a school-aged kid, celebrity or model you are not likely to see a lot of men wearing the super-skinny jeans or pants. I say take the skinny-jeans challenge, gentlemen. You might surpirise yourself with them.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for the Clovis News Journal and the Portales News-Tribune. You can find her on Facebook or contact her at [email protected].


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