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Collection fits me to a T

CMI Columnist

The circumstances of the details of a task matter greatly, in terms of how it is carried out. For example, I would agree, in theory, with my wife’s contention that I have too many T-shirts.

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This surplus seems to be a trait which I share with many other men between the ages of 40 and 65, but that is not the context in which my wife addresses it. Excuses are not acceptable as reasons, and the habits of others are not the issue at hand.

Well, of course, the beach T-shirts are sacred, whether I have been to that particular beach, or someone has brought it back for me. I believe that I have enough to last for two weeks without repeating.

Since I am acquiring a whole new gathering of Wildcat related Ts, it might seem that some of the Clovis Christian Eagle wear would become expendable. The problem becomes, which ones? Not the 2010 state football championship Tshirt, nor the one which commemorates our excellent evaluations as a school in 2011-12, nor of course the one the volleyball girls gave me the year they went to state finals.

So the focus turns to the Wildcat pile. Certainly not the latest acquisition, which was a fundraiser for a cancer project whereby our softball girls play a fundraising game. Nor the limited edition, Thundering Wildcat designed by an art teacher at freshman campus.

Neither can I give up the “VS. Hobbs” T, which sports the name of Mikayla’s brother, my favorite JV rising star, on the back.

Professional sports related Ts are likewise untouchable. We need those Steeler and Pirate shirts for the appropriate seasons, and the Angels and Texas Tech ones for times when I feel like cheering for someone else.

Pretty near every T-shirt has a memory attached. The Marine Tshirt (Pain is Weakness Leaving the body) was given by a recruiter on the occasion of a long distance bicycle ride. Likewise, two others commemorate hikes up Pike’s Peak. I surely can’t part with the one form Durango, CO, either.

Some are just plum purty… like the one with a Native American shield on the front, or the Hollister and the Hurley ones from O.P. No special memories, just too cool to get rid of.

Wait a minute, there’s one that’s expendable. A Relay for Life survivors shirt from three years ago ... That’s one I can do without.

After all, I’m going to the REI store in Santa Fe on Monday, and I might want to spend my bonus points on a new T-shirt.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis High School. He can be contacted at: [email protected]