Some resolutions worth making


Betty Williamson

Barely over three weeks into a new year, I have decided to break my resolution to not have resolutions. It’s all the fault of the Internet.

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I snapped one evening when, as I was online attempting to procure inexpensive tickets for non-reserved seating at an event in Albuquerque, I was prompted to come up with my third password of that day. I just said no.

I exited that page, and then scoured the site I was on for a phone number. They are not as easy to find as they once were, but there — in minuscule print buried deep on a hidden page — it was.

Imagine my delight when a human answered! I had been fully braced to get a computer voice offering me three or four choices, none of which would be quite what I needed.

Instead, a nice young man gently sympathized with my frustration, and then actually discouraged me from making online reservations. He said there were numerous seats available, and the service charges would cost more than the tickets. He was right.

Inspired by this victory, I have a newly minted resolution: Any time I can this year, I shall deal with humans over computers. I had almost forgotten how rewarding it can be.

Betty Williamson tries to stay positive, so she won’t be writing about electronic bank statements. You may reach her at

[email protected]


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