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Math nights add up to fun


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The equation on the projection screen — (56 ÷ 7 + 4 x 2 ) — drew sighs of frustration from more than one student attending last week’s fifth-grade math night at Lindsey-Steiner Elementary

Once they solved the equation, they would check to see if they had the answer on their bingo card.

Order of operation bingo was one of the games featured that night.

Kristi Victor, fifth-grade teacher at Lindsey-Steiner, said math night has be going on for four years, with different games each year that apply to the math the children are learning in the classroom.

“We started math night to bring more parent involvement with the kids learning,” Victor said.

Victor said many parents struggle to help their child with math homework and math night will teach the parents the same math their child is learning, but with games.

Some of the games had real-life applications as well as Danna Smith, fifth-grade teacher, ran a station entitled eating decimals.

This station gave the students and their parents money to spend at a restaurant. Everyone had to order an item off the menu and the student had to add the decimals and figure out if their money covered how much food they ordered.

“It not only helps them with adding decimals, but it will help them with handling money,” Smith said.

Christine Blaeser, physical education teacher at Lindsey-Steiner, and her daughter Laura were at math night and were learning about fractions while playing basketball.

The Blaesers had to roll a dice to see how many times shots they earned and kept track of how many they made. Whoever had the highest fraction won the game.

“This is a lot of fun,” Laura said as made her shot.

Victor said there will be another math night for sixth-graders 5:30 Tuesday.

On this night students will be teaching the parents.

Some of the games students will be teaching their parents is how to get the area and perimeter of shapes on the gym floor.

Lindsey-Steiner will also host a science night later in the year as well.

“A lot of parents come to the night and have fun learning with their kids,” Victor said.


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