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Residents express concern over wind turbines

Jared Tucker

Talk early, talk often. That was the message during Tuesday’s public meeting in Melrose to discuss the findings and recommendations of a joint land use study.

The $140,000 federally funded study is geared at preventing incompatible land uses between entities, such as Curry County and Cannon Air Force Base, according to Rudy Bauer, who supervised the study.

“The study is an effort to have Cannon Air Force Base and the surrounding jurisdictions to live together harmoniously,” Bauer said.

Bauer said the study produces recommendations that various communities can adopt as policy.

Among the recommendations are comprehensive land use planning, the creation of a regional coordination committee and an implementation committee and new subdivision and zoning regulations.

Bauer said a regional coordination committee would consist of representatives from area communities who would review building proposals, and the implementation committee would see that the study recommendations are followed through.

One of the concerns expressed by area residents was building wind turbines on their property, Bauer said.

Bauer said Cannon AFB officials must be notified if turbines are built, because anything taller 75 feet tall can potentially interfere with the base’s radar systems.

Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said the same presentation by Bauer will be presented at the Sept. 8 Curry County Commission meeting.

The public is invited to attend and offer their feedback.

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