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Hail to Steinbrenner and other rambling thoughts

Rambling thoughts while debating whether I should antagonize my editor when my baseball team beats his baseball team:

• That free credit score website is having a national campaign for viewers to choose the site’s new “spokesband.” I watch and I can’t help but wonder the average credit score of these struggling bands.

• I’ve done one day of swimming lessons, and I can confidently say Michael Phelps isn’t going to lose any sleep thinking about challenges from Kevin Wilson in the 2012 Olympics.

• Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada, is in a back-and-forth race with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But she’s really overcomplicating things in my mind. Her new ad blasts Reid for his time as senator, noting the rise in the state’s unemployment. That’s a great message, except that she’s on tape saying it’s not a senator’s job to create jobs. So now she’s stuck in a paradox, when the best campaign would be the simplest. “Do you like how the Senate’s being run? Harry Reid’s in charge, and his job review’s coming up.”

• As I’ve written about too much for comfort, I did my first camping trip in 15 years this past weekend. Everything went OK, and I gained much of the food and water we didn’t use. I didn’t check Facebook once, which is amazing for me, as I was tempted to warn the Tea Party folks about the “S’more tax” that doubles the price of marshmallows within five miles of a campground. I was never worried about bears, because I did the math — the bear wasn’t going to be hungry by the time he was done eating the campers I can outrun.

• And now, Kevin interviews himself about “Inception,” which is getting rave reviews. Have I seen it? No, I have not. Do I have anything against the movie? No, I do not. Well, why haven’t I seen it yet? Hasn’t anybody recommended it to me? Oh, they have. I’ve been texted by friends who don’t ever hang out with me, as soon as they left the theater. So why haven’t I seen it? I’m holding out so I can see it with a friend next week, when we both have a common night off. Aren’t I tempted to cheat on her and go see the movie before that? Um ... can I keep a secret?

• Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if George Steinbrenner actually died a month ago, but managed to hide the news until absolutely nothing was going on, then leak the news just as most of America was getting up and ESPN could provide wall-to-wall coverage.

As much as I hate the Yankees, I’ll miss having George around, and will light a candle as I watch the old Saturday Night Live skit where he plays a shopkeeper who just doesn’t have it in him to fire anybody. The only thing that would have made him funnier is if he did his own scenes in “Seinfeld,” and not Larry David.

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