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Judicial complex: Worth $33 million?

Courtesy graphic An architectural drawing by Rohde, May, Keller, McNamara Architecture shows the layout of a judicial complex color coded to show four developmental phases.

Curry County officials say they need a new judicial complex that would address court security issues, growing county government and a faulty jail.

It’s going to cost $33 million, spanning a three-block tract in the heart of downtown Clovis.

At least some voters are on board with the plan:

• “If it helps with the situation on the county jail I’m all for it,” said Ranchvale resident Johnny Hodges. “I have no problem with (a tax hike).”

But others need convincing:

• “The way the economy is right now, I wouldn’t think that increasing taxes would be in anybody’s general interest,” said Clovis’ John Marsten, a military retiree.

Planned by an Albuquerque architecture firm, the concept for a judicial complex developed following a four-month, in-depth study of existing county resources, current and forecasted needs and ways to address them.

The megaplex would consist of more than a dozen buildings; some existing but remodeled, others born of new construction. It would occupy the area between Main and Mitchell streets from Seventh Street, where the courthouse now lies, to 10th Street, occupied by private properties.

The project would be the most expansive — and expensive —