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Food at the speed of life: I'll try anything once

I’ll eat (almost) any food once.

So, when I collected interesting suggestions for “beyond jelly” peanut butter sandwiches, I tried most. And took notes. (I know you’re laughing at me.)

I concluded that peanut butter has a non-confrontational taste, so to speak. With other flavors, its taste either disappears or blends without clashing.

I tried peanut butter in mini-sandwiches with:

• Sweet pickles: Good. Peanut butter tempered the sweet-spicy pickle flavor.

• Dill pickles: Good. Unique and interesting.

• Mayonnaise: Yuck. All I could taste was mayo.

• Raw onion: Why bother? The onion was either too strong or barely noticeable, depending on amount.

• Bacon: OK. Salty and unique. An odd combination.

• Green olive with pimentos: Yuck. All I could taste was green olive.

• Chocolate-hazelnut spread (Nutella): Chocolate with a sobering peanut butter influence.

• M&Ms: Chocolatey.

• Marshmallow cream, approximating the fluffernutter: Yum. A good sweet/savory combination. One of my favorites.

• Banana and honey: Yum. A good balance of flavors. Sweet but not overwhelmingly so.

• Banana and Nutella: Rich but not hugely so. Not bad.

• Potato chip: Not bad. Crunchy and salty.

Yes, I really ate all that.