On the shelves — May 23


Portales Public Library

Supreme Justice by Phillip Margolin

Just when a prominent justice resigns, leaving a vacancy in the Supreme Court, Sarah Woodruff, on death row for murdering her lover, John Finley, has appealed her case. When for no apparent reason, another justice is mysteriously attacked, Dana Cutler is quietly called in to investigate. While looking for links between the Woodruff appeal and the ominous incidents in the justices’ chamber, Dana is led to a shoot-out that took place years ago on a small freighter in which the only survivor on board was John Finley. Dana then uncovers a plot by a rogue element in the American intelligence community involving the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court, with the help of Brad Miller and Keith Evans. Soon the trio is thrown into the grips of a deadly, executive danger.


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