Udall discusses health care, North Korea at town hall meeting


June 12, 2009

Freedom New Mexico

Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., says the federal government won’t force people into a national health care plan and the United States won’t go to war with North Korea.

Udall led a town hill meeting in a packed room at Eastern New Mexico University on Friday evening.

The freshman senator said he wants Americans to be able to keep their current health care arrangements if they are satisfied, but he wants to build on the system to cover people who need help.

“And we’re going to pay for it,” he said.

Addressing automobile industry and oil issues, Udall supported fuel-efficient vehicles and developing renewable energy sources to help with the economy, the environment and national security.

Udall also said the United States would continue to pressure North Korea to not be a rogue nation and sell nuclear weapons.

“But at this point, I don’t see us going to war with North Korea. Period,” he said.


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