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Sisters unite in carpentry

Reporter's Notebook

The relationship of three Clovis sisters is built with love as strong as cement and lumber.

Their father was a carpenter who taught them an appreciation for remodeling and building. They replace windows, do electrical work and repair water lines, among a hodgepodge of other tasks.

Their latest project — pouring a cement porch for their mother and step-father, Charlotte and Dan Clay, who live on the 100 block of Crescent Drive in Clovis — was expected to be complete Tuesday.

They started the project four days ago.

“The major part of it we should get done today,” said middle sister Robin Smith, 50, of Logan, on Tuesday afternoon. “Of course next weekend we have to tear out a window, and a sliding glass door ... she’s always got a project for us.”

Smith works with sisters Patricia Jackson, 52, of Clovis, and Vicki Feerer, 48, of Albuquerque and close friend Anna Lee Henry, 61.

The sisters have been gathering for such projects for about “28-30 years,” Smith said.

“We didn’t particularly like it when we were kids, (our dad) made us work,” said Smith, whose father died in 1981. “As we got older I guess it’s just in our blood that we like to build.”

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