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May 19 South County News

Young crops are coming up all over the irrigated area. The dry land wheat is showing stress from being so dry and hot the past two or so weeks.


Hank and Marcella Merrick of Causey have a grandson in Iraq now. I was talking to Hank a few days ago and he told me about Clint Burnett serving over there with our troops. Clint is the son of their daughter, Peggy and her husband.

I don’t want to leave out any of our young people who are giving time to fight for our freedom. So let me know if there are others.


In Causey on Wednesday, at the usual place.


Vickie Neece of Pep is in the hospital in Clovis. Be sure to remember her and others who are ill.

From Africa

Dustin Carmichael has been in Africa for almost a year now. He will be coming home to his family in Houston on July 12th. He said they plan to leave that afternoon and drive here to visit for a couple or so days. Tina called to tell be, Tara, their 22-month old daughter had won the contest for Little Princess and beauty also a week ago. Guess she took after her great-granny (me - Ha).


Sunday as J.W. and I were enroute to Dora to church, J.W. noticed Fred Allison’s house on fire. I turned around to see and sure enough it was as he said. A grill outside a window and the window were on fire. I called it in and with the wind so high it didn’t take long to spread all in the west part of the house.

The fire trucks were able to save the east part but I’m sure it was heavily damaged by smoke. The house is on the Lovington highway (206) and Roosevelt road 11 out south of Portales.


The Dora Senior Class graduation is Sunday at 3 p.m.

Come celebrate the occasion with them and wish them success and happiness as they take the step into the world of adulthood and embark on a career for their future. These are great young people with high hopes and they need our prayers.