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Bovina police get leads from search

Tuesday night’s police search through Bovina for a fleeing subject may have been much ado over very little, according to Bovina Police Chief Leon Sadler.

“We had a loud noise call with a bunch of teenagers and in the course of identifying them, one subject didn’t have any identification whatsoever,” Sadler said. “He took off running from us. Based on partial information we were able to get at the time, I have today (Wednesday) learned he is from Clovis and 17.”

Sadler said the juvenile also has outstanding warrants in Clovis and had been reported as a missing person from his home. The Bovina Police Department obtained additional warrants Wednesday for his arrest on charges of evading arrest and providing false identification to a peace officer, Sadler said.

“We haven’t yet located him, but we are looking for him,” Sadler said.

The Texas arrest warrant may not help Bovina authorities in finding the suspect if he remains in New Mexico.

“He’ll have to come over here for us to get him,” Sadler said. “These are misdemeanor charges so we can’t extradite on a misdemeanor.”

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