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Opinion: Russians amateurs at disinformation

Why do the Russians need to bother spreading disinformation when our own domestic sources do a much better job at it? We just went through a four-year national obsession with... — Updated 4/10/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Word 'trillion' defining Biden era

So far, the defining word of the Biden era is “trillion.” The Joe Biden who portrayed himself as a moderate, old school, bipartisan dealmaker during the presidential campaign... — Updated 4/3/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Overturning election partisan travesty

Well, the principled stand Democrats took against Congress trying to overturn duly certified elections lasted all of a month or two. After rightly excoriating their Republican... — Updated 3/27/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Dems would regret busting filibuster

There’s nothing that ails Joe Biden’s agenda, we are supposed to believe, that ending the filibuster wouldn’t fix. President Joe Biden showed a little leg on changing the... — Updated 3/20/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: COVID relief bill shrewd politics

Joe Biden has signed what may well end up being the biggest accomplishment of his presidency, an enormous $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill. With his other priorities likely to... — Updated 3/13/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Biden creating crisis at the border

A crisis is a terrible thing to create. This, nonetheless, is what President Joe Biden has done at the southern border. His rhetoric during the campaign suggesting an openhanded... — Updated 3/6/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

McConnell must play long game

Well, it’s on. Donald Trump ended his post-presidency silence not with a blast at President Joe Biden, or at the left, or at the House impeachment managers, but at the true enemy... — Updated 2/20/2021

 By Rich Lowry    News

Opinion: Canceling the classics over the top

It was only a matter of time before Cicero got canceled. The New York Times the other day profiled Princeton classicist Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who wants to destroy the study of cla... — Updated 2/13/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: GOP will survive this upheaval

After losing a national election, it’s natural that a political party goes through a period of soul-searching and internal turmoil. The Republican Party, though, has taken it to... — Updated 2/6/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Media abandoning First Amendment

Long a stalwart defender of the First Amendment, the American media is now having second thoughts. For decades, it was a commonplace sentiment among journalists that freedom of the... — Updated 1/30/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Biden should avoid stirring the pot

Inaugural addresses are meant to be aspirational, so President Joe Biden might as well have doubled down on his call for unity in his address. After the events of Jan. 6, there’s... — Updated 1/23/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Twitter has helped derange politics

Donald Trump was the president of Twitter. What radio was to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and TV was to Ronald Reagan, communicating 280 characters at a time on a social media platform... — Updated 1/16/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Riot failure in Trump's leadership

There’s a reason we expect presidents of the United States to say that they support the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump has never committed to it, and we saw the bitter... — Updated 1/9/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Don't forget Amazon achievements

It’s been a terrible year for the American worker, with a notable bright spot courtesy of one of the tech firms in the crosshairs of regulators and lawmakers. If someone had said... — Updated 1/2/2021

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Climate change crisis manufactured

Former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s famous axiom is that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. It’s an even worse thing to manufacture. Although President-elect Joe... — Updated 12/26/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Pardoning Snowden indefensible

No one will ever accuse President Donald Trump of being overly careful in his exercise of his pardon power. So, it makes sense that advocates of Edward Snowden, the man responsible... — Updated 12/19/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Stimulus, recovery need to be pursued

Just when it seemed some of the most disheartening trends in the U.S. economy were finally beginning to reverse, COVID-19 arrived to entrench them. The pandemic has been a neutron... — Updated 12/12/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Georgia fraud claims beyond bizarre

There is no evidence that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are secretly working for the Democratic National Committee, but no one has definitively disproved it, either. That’s the kind... — Updated 12/5/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Thanksgiving Day under assault

We live in a time of heedless iconoclasm, and so one of the country’s oldest traditions is under assault. Thanksgiving is increasingly portrayed as, at best, based on falsehoods... — Updated 11/28/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: 'Legal votes' include Joe Biden's

No one expected Donald Trump to handle a defeat in the 2020 election well. It was predictable he’d deny that he really lost and allege the vote was rigged, that he’d tweet wild... — Updated 11/21/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Democrats not in position of strength

Ordinarily, it’s not possible for a party to win the presidency and have a bad election night, but the Democrats managed it. Pending the outcome of two Senate runoffs in Georgia,... — Updated 11/14/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Trump will stay politically relevant

Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, but he’s not exiting the room. The fiercest Never Trump critics hoped for — and wishfully predicted — a cleansing landslide that... — Updated 11/7/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Biden plan assault on common sense

Joe Biden wants to take one of the great American success stories of the past several decades and drive it into the ground. He would turn his back on the stupendous wealth... — Updated 10/31/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Russians not root of all troubles

The Russians haven’t loomed so large as a sinister hand influencing the course of American society since the Red Scares of the 20th century. Then, it was largely the right that... — Updated 10/24/2020

 By Rich Lowry    Voices

Opinion: Barrett unlikely to throw out ACA

Amy Coney Barrett has accomplished many things in her career. Becoming an authority or a policy maker on healthcare isn’t one of them. At Notre Dame, she was a professor at the... — Updated 10/17/2020


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