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Vaccinations still best response to growing outbreaks

Rash by rash and fever by fever, measles continues to spread. Health officials are watching the case count tick upward. Nationally, measles has reached its highest level in two decades. We know who’s primarily to blame: misinform... — Updated 4/20/2019

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Another viewpoint: Gun range case Second Amendment test for court

It was once called “the lost amendment,” because the Supreme Court was almost completely silent on its meaning and because it seemed to have scant effect. But the Second Amendment made a spectacular comeback in 2008, when the... — Updated 2/2/2019

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Another viewpoint: Loving life one key to living long

For years, Jeanne Calment has reigned as the oldest documented person to have lived. She supposedly died in 1997 at age 122. But now Russian mathematician Nikolay Zak has exhumed that claim and startled researchers with a... — Updated 1/12/2019

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Many years later, Marx a catalyst for capitalism

In many places, the name of Karl Marx evokes the same response as the name of John Wayne Gacy: anger, disgust and resentment. The German economist and philosopher who helped to inspire communism is not fondly remembered by most of... — Updated 5/16/2018


Stopping service animal monkey business sensible

Dogs, cats, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, hamsters, marmots, even iguanas? No, you haven’t wandered into a zoo or a pet shop. This is an airline cabin, and those aren’t pets; they’re emotional support animals. If you have the bad... — Updated 1/28/2018

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Expect new year to remind us all of drama of '68

There’s a difference between nostalgia and sober reflection. The arrival of 2018 will bring an unusually powerful cocktail of both: It marks a half-century since 1968, one of the most consequential, dramatic years in American... — Updated 12/31/2017

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Worst element of abuse: Many failed to stop it

The pathologist determined the preliminary cause of death to be failure to thrive due to extreme malnutrition. The 6-year-old boy weighed approximately 17 pounds when his father brought him to the hospital on Nov. 3, already... — Updated 11/14/2017


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