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Why doesn’t Clovis have a Target, Costco, Olive Garden, TJ Max, Ross or Macy’s? Can’t we bring back Dillard’s, Hot Topic or Papa John’s Pizza?

What does it take to get these stores or bring them back?

There is no person or group in government or local business that says, “Yes, we want this business here and we shall have it,” according to Tina Dziuk, executive director of Clovis Economic Development.

“We are continually recruiting but our demographics do not always support a certain retailer or restaurant chain moving into Clovis,” Dziuk wrote in an email.

Dziuk added demographics do not only include population, they also include average household income, and other data.

“Sometimes we are on a company’s list of places they would like to locate, but their lists are prioritized, and we may not always be at the top of the list,” Dziuk wrote.

Dziuk said supply-chain issues and increasing construction costs have led to the current slow-down in development we’re seeing nationwide.

“Just this week I was speaking to a broker who informed me that developers are not building anywhere that doesn’t offer them financial incentives,” Dziuk wrote.

She added Clovis is one of the few municipalities that has worked to incentivize retailers and developers.

“We believe these efforts are going to pay off for all of us,” Dziuk wrote.

Dziuk wrote of the social media talk regarding retailers that were once here possibly returning, for example, Dillard’s, Hot Topic, Papa John’s Pizza, etc.

“Generally speaking, a business is going to stay where they are profitable,” Dziuk wrote.

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