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Clovis city commissioner resigns

David Bryant: 'Hostility' spurred decision

Embattled Clovis City Commissioner David Bryant on Wednesday submitted his resignation, effective immediately.

“It is with heavy heart I regret to inform you that I will no longer be able to (perform) my duties as City Commissioner,” Bryant wrote in his letter submitted to City Attorney Jared Morris.

“The continued hostility directed at myself by others has become not just a distraction but the constant barrage of personal attacks has taken its toll on myself, my family and my constituency. I have decided that ultimately the best thing I can do for my community is to allow them access to a representative who hopefully is able to do what I was unable to do.”

Bryant stopped attending city commission meetings in June when Mayor Mike Morris accused him of lying about attending a taxpayer-funded training session in Santa Fe.

The mayor called on Bryant to “replace the public’s funds and resign from your city commission seat.” Mike Morris said the city spent $650 for Bryant to attend the training.

Bryant has said he attended the meeting, but declined to offer specifics or say how long he was there, just that, “I’ve attended every session of the program over my attendance at two separate offerings.”

Mike Morris on Thursday said Bryant’s resignation comes “two months later than it should have been. But I’m glad to see him finally resign. Let’s move on.”

Jared Morris said the city commission has 30 days to fill Bryant’s position. “In the past, they have either asked for applications and voted or simply nominated an individual and voted,” he said.

Mike Morris said he expects commissioners will ask for applications to fill Bryant’s seat at the Sept. 7 Commission meeting. Commissioners then will likely choose Bryant’s successor at the Sept. 21 Commission meeting.

Bryant said in his resignation letter it is his “hope this commission will take the opinions of my District when considering my replacement.”

At least one candidate has already announced an interest in Bryant’s District 3 seat. Doug Pettigrew, retired from a 40-year career at Allsup’s Convenience Stores, said Thursday he’d like the job.

“I feel like I need to try and make Clovis better,” he said.

Mike Morris said he’s heard of at least two other potential candidates but declined to name them. “We’ll see how it works out. People in Clovis always come through,” he said.

Bryant was elected to a four-year term as commissioner on March 1, 2022. He defeated opponent Paul Nelson, 71 votes to 50.

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