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Is there comfy sleep for the pregnant?

This week marks week 23, and Baby Sena is the size of a grapefruit. I’ve definitely been able to feel the growth inside of me, considering I can’t button any of my pants anymore. I’ve officially moved into maternity clothing. Also, I know my belly is stretching because of how itchy my skin gets throughout the day. Still no stretch marks yet … but I’m sure they’ll make their appearance toward the end.

Ever since we found out Baby Sena is a girl, all of our family has started gifting us with goodies and shopping for all things pink and adorable. I’ve finally started to work on her nursery, and that process has (so far) been really fun!

Baby Sena is very active. Now that I’ve been able to feel her little kicks inside of me, I’ve noticed how much stronger they’ve become. I can actually see the movements from the outside. And right now, every time I feel or see the kicks, they’re in different places. I guess that’s normal since she still has room to move around in there.

I’ve been reading that once you hit the halfway mark of your pregnancy, or 20 weeks, you shouldn’t sleep on your back as much anymore. That’s hasn’t been a problem for me, because sleeping on my back now is quite uncomfortable. I sleep probably 80% on my left side, and 20% on my right side. I will say though, the back aches that come with the second trimester are no joke. Cleaning my house; for example, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are more straining than they used to be for sure.

I’ve been asked if I’ve had any real cravings yet, and the answer is still no. I mean, I still always want watermelon or pickles, but that’s nothing new to me. And maybe because it’s the summer, those two foods sound extra appealing. But, I also have to remember that it’s hard for me to crave something specific when I live in small town Melrose, America. (We have limited options here.)

I’ll have my next appointment at the end of this month, so by the next time I write, I should have more info to share! I’m kind of dreading the 28-week appointment though, which will be the next one after this upcoming one … I say that, because I have to get this glucose test done, and let’s just say, I’m not the best when it comes to needles or drawing blood. To be continued …

Landry Sena writes for The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact her:

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