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DA: Shooter acted in self-defense; charges dismissed

Neighborhood security cameras bore out Ian Michael Downs claim of self-defense in the Sunday shooting death of Oscar Trujillo, 28, officials said. Downs became a free man on Wednesday.

Charges against Downs,30, including an open count of murder, were dismissed Wednesday according to Ninth Judicial District Attorney Quentin Ray.

"The night of the shooting, law enforcement interviewed people and we believed we had the grounds to charge Downs," Ray said.

Ray said investigators reviewed "ring-cam" home security videos from the Northglen neighborhood where the shooting took place. Through audio and video evidence, according to Ray, "it was apparent Downs acted in self-defense."

"We're not going to keep anyone in jail when it looks like they acted in self-defense." Ray said.

The investigation is still ongoing, Ray said, and charges could be refiled if new evidence emerges, Ray said.

"These cases are tough" Ray said, "but we really have good people in law enforcement. They interviewed people, canvassed the neighborhood."

As for allegations regarding Downs' communicating with a juvenile female, Ray said there is no evidence at this time regarding an alleged communication with an underage person.

"The matter is still under investigation," Ray said.

Court records show Trujillo was driving a vehicle that contained three other people who had driven to the Northglen and Wilmington area to meet up with Downs, who, according to court records, believed he would be meeting with someone he had been conversing with on social media.

Trujillo and two others in the car were pretending to be a 14-year-old girl the group believed that Downs had been conversing with via the social media app Snapchat, records show.

Downs told investigators he believed the person he was communicating with was in her 20s.

Downs told investigators as he was walking on Northglen a vehicle passed him and stopped. Three people got out of the vehicle and started walking toward him.

Court records state Downs was carrying a concealed pistol. He pulled it out of his waistband and fired three shots at the subjects.

A bullet hit Trujillo in the head.

Once police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene Trujillo was taken to Plains Regional Medical Center then transported to a Lubbock hospital where he died.

Downs could not immediately be reached for comment.

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