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Pages past, May 12: Republicans were coming, Jones didn't do it


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On this date ...

1911: Homer Jones did not shoot his business partner at Taiban as authorities had alleged. Jones' innocence was declared by Edward Gardner, the man Jones was alleged to have shot.

Police arrested Jones because his boot tracks were found near the scene of Gardner's shooting. But when Gardner recovered from his wound enough to talk to authorities, he told them he and Jones were the best of friends and had never had a cross word. Gardner said Jones' arrest was "an outrage," the Roosevelt County Herald reported.

The newspaper did not identify a new suspect in the case.

1966: Clovis was preparing to host the New Mexico Young Republican State Convention.

About 250 GOP members were expected for the gathering at the Holiday Inn.

Republican candidate for governor David Cargo was among scheduled speakers. Others expected to participate were U.S. Senate candidate Anderson Carter, state Rep. Hoyt Pattison and convention coordinator Don McAlavy.

A session on "campaign techniques," a speech by Idaho Congressman George Hansen and a dance were on the three-day agenda.

1976: A broken-down car helped law officers solve a grocery story theft in Causey.

Thieves had broken into Terral's Grocery, taking candy and cigarettes. They left behind a trail of candy wrappers leading to an abandoned vehicle near the store.

A Roosevelt County deputy hid in a nearby barn and watched the car until two teenagers appeared and attempted to start it with jumper cables.

Officials matched the teens' shoe prints with tracks leading away from the grocery store. They also tied the pair to a theft at Flo's Café earlier in the month. One of the boys told police the cash register from Flo's could be found in a nearby stock tank.

The automobile had previously belonged to Portales Police Detective Dave Griffin. He said he'd traded it in because it was hard to start.

It's a lucky day ...

1966: Duckwall's department store was promoting its Friday the 13th sale as "Your lucky day!"

Folding camp stools were 72 cents, 50-foot garden hoses were $1.99, and 30-quart foam ice chests were 99 cents. All the bargains required a coupon that could be clipped from the Clovis News-Journal.

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