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By Steve Hansen
Guest columnist 

Opinion: A poem in defense of Dr. Seuss


Last updated 3/9/2021 at 4:05pm

When I look in the mirror, I do not do a jig.

A thin face with wrinkles, a nose that’s too big.

Ears that stick out like a wind-powered rig

If I couldn’t laugh, I’d wind up in the brig.

If Theo “Seuss” Geisel drew me, it is sure,

The likeness would be its own caricature

On an elephant ride in Kuala Lumpur.

If it helped a kid read, it’s a pain I’d endure

I looked in the paper and learned of the news.

It wasn’t a good thing. It gave me the blues

I learned that the world was now changing its views

Of that dearly beloved. That muse, Dr. Seuss

The doctor who made us smile, learning to read

Has lost face for the way that he planted that seed.

He had wildness of spirit, a mind that was freed

In a tolerant world, on that much we agreed

Time was we accepted ourselves and each other.

We could laugh at our faults and stay sister and brother.

Now we guard features like we’d guard our mother,

But darkness comes down when it’s humor we smother.

It’s funny how times change and fashion erases.

What once made us chuckle now brings on disgraces

You can’t even celebrate difference in faces

Because if you do that, they call you a racist.

Whatever you say, whatever you do

Say nothing ‘bout people who don’t look like you

Because if they’re beige, brown, black, blond-haired or blue,

Even the Whos down in Whoville might sue.

Mention a difference, we now lose our mooring

We pretend that we’re all just the same. It’s just boring.

Ease up! Gentle fun is OK, I’m imploring.

Be proud! Our uniqueness still needs underscoring.

— Steve Hansen

Quay County Sun


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