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Opinion: 'May his memory be a blessing'


Last updated 6/30/2020 at 3:46pm

Last week, the community came together to help a family locate their elderly relative, Bob Casey, who had gone missing. Sadly, Casey was found several days later, deceased. The grief from his family and friends was tangible, raw.

On a social media post about him, a kind soul wrote, “May his memory be a blessing.”

While I didn’t know the 83-year-old man or his family, the stories family and friends told of him spoke to that comment, “may his memory be a blessing.” They shared sweet stories about a man who will be missed, who made a difference, and who will be remembered for what he did while he walked on earth.

And, that is a gift. People are placed in our lives for a reason. We learn from them — whatever the lesson — and then we carry that on in our own lives.

From an early age, I was taught that we leave a footprint when we leave, what we contribute to this earth is an echo of our life. I was also taught that whatever we do for the least of our brethren, we do to/for God.

Thanks, Dad. All my life, he gave me a roadmap to follow. His memory is a blessing. While I miss my dad tremendously, with every fiber of my being, I am living his legacy.

May his memory be a blessing. Such a beautiful thing to say … and it gave me pause. What will my footprint — my echo — be?

I pray that my footprint is one of kindness. That my words are uplifting rather than harmful. That I will be known for celebrating people and what they do and who they are rather than insulting and blaming or shaming them.

I pray that my legacy is one of service, that my echo is that I treat others as I would be treated rather than the culture of doing unto others before they do unto you.

I pray that my footprint leaves a path for my nieces and nephews to follow, one of gentleness and offering a hand up rather than tromping down someone’s beliefs and dreams.

I pray that my echo will be a song of love for those who will be left when I’m gone. I pray that I will leave my corner of the world a little better than when I found it, just as those who’ve gone before me have done. I pray that my footprint provides a roadmap for others, just like I was given to follow.

I remember, Dad … the roadmap is right there where you left it for us to pick up. It is just up to us to keep following it.

And Dad, I pray, that like your memory, my memory will be a blessing.

Patti Dobson writes about faith for The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact her at:

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