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New bowl made way into my life


November 10, 2019

I wouldn’t consider myself a pottery collector. I’ll more likely be in an actual barn than a Pottery Barn, and I’m never in barns.

But when I do get pottery, it tends to make a mark. When my friend Adrian screwed up in art class, he gave me the flawed baseball-sized pot that resulted from it. I spent the rest of the school day saying within earshot of teachers, “You should check out the pot Adrian gave me; it’s in my locker.”

That pot is still in my possession to this day, and it usually stores pocket change or the screws I don’t want to lose in the carpet when I have new furniture to assemble.

Another piece of pottery found its way into my life on Nov. 2. On the suggestion of a friend who was there as a performer, I found myself at the inaugural Art for Moms fundraiser.

I figured I’d look at a bunch of paintings, say, “These are nice, but I have no wall space,” and be on my way after watching my friend’s performance. But one piece caught my attention.

It was a bowl. A little large to be a service bowl, a little small to be a mixing bowl. Seven inches from edge to edge — imagine a volleyball sliced in half with a less spherical bottom.

“That’s a cereal bowl,” I said, half-jokingly. The silent auction sheet said $10, and I decided I’d jump it up to $14 just to avoid the back-and-forth one-upping. If they wanted to pay $15, it was their bowl.

I left the fundraiser after my friend performed, and by the time I got home from a grocery store run, I had a voicemail that I could make arrangements to pick up my bowl Monday.

Now that it was in my hand, I wasn’t sure what to do with it and put it on the coffee table. A few minutes later, it was full of Doritos while I watched Monday Night Football.

Once the game got boring, I decided I was in the mood to make a galette. The bowl couldn’t handle batter for three dozen cookies, but I could mix the blueberries, sugar and cinnamon just fine before I poured it on the pie crust center and folded the edges over.

The bowl now has a nickname — the Tweener. Like the basketball player who’s too small to be a center but too big to be a power forward, it does everything just well enough to replace a more traditional-sized counterpart in a pinch.

But then there was the original use. My friend who performed at the fundraiser knew the bowl’s creator.

“I told her you won and were saying it was a cereal bowl,” he said. “She said, ‘I guess if he really likes cereal.’ I said, ‘Oh, he does. He does.’”

So I guess I had to live up to it. After a busy Friday, I poured way too much Toasted Coconut Cheerios and a layer of Cocoa Puffs. It was like the cereal version of a Mounds Bar.

It will be a cereal bowl again, but I’m pretty sure it will be five other things before then. That’s the beauty of a Tweener.

Kevin Wilson is editor of the Eastern New Mexico News. He can be contacted at 575-763-3431, ext. 320, or by email:

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