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July 19, 2018

On this date ...

1973: A local pastor appeared before the Clovis city commission to ask for a crackdown on pornography at newsstands and in the movies.

Rev. Stan White, pastor of Westbrook Baptist Church, said he felt the "floodgates of obscenity and smut have been closed" by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing local government more control in that area.

Clovis City Attorney Harry Patton, however, said the New Mexico Legislature had made it clear pornography guidelines were determined by the state.

White showed the commissioners two comic books he said were pornographic and sold in the Clovis city limits. The Clovis News-Journal reported the store that had sold the books was closed because of building code violations.

White went on to produce a proposed Bernalillo County ordinance aimed at controlling pornographic material and urged city officials to adopt something similar.

"I believe it is time we take action to rid obscene matter from Clovis," White said.

Commissioners voted to have Patton review the law regarding whether local entities could determine a definition for pornography.

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Reader Comments

Steve Gershon writes:

Thats funny, I guess religious people want to control others in what they do in the privacy of their own home. Funny but sick if your a man of the cloth, teach live and let live, you have no business telling any one other than yourself how to live in your own privacy, i'm so glad this is curbed today somewhat. But as a store owner here in Clovis of adult material even the preachers come in and by all means they also have a private life. Live and let live, or each to their own.


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