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Letter to the editor - May 29


May 29, 2018

Political climate causing concerns

When the founding fathers formed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they were in part considering the avoidance of life under a tyrannical government. The First Amendment includes the right to free speech and a free press.

The idea may have been that the citizens should be informed and hold the right to peaceful protest when in disagreement with the government.

The Second Amendment calls for the right to keep and bear arms. This also was, in part, to provide protection against an overreaching government.

Today, many of our citizens and lawmakers defend the Second Amendment vehemently, believing that there should be no restrictions on this right what-so-ever. Yet, many of the same citizens and lawmakers seem to be content to place restrictions on the First Amendment.

The right to free speech includes the right not to pledge the flag as a peaceful protest. This constitutional right extends itself to public places including a sports field. Yet, in certain realms, it is being restricted.

There are two concerns here. First, there is a disconnect between staunch adherence to the Second Amendment with no restrictions while approving restrictions on the First Amendment. Secondly, there should be serious concern for a future in which any person is entitled to own an assault rifle while peaceful protest is restricted to the shadows.

Geni Flores



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