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Government shouldn't be in medicine


It’s 2017, ObamaCare is morphing into TrumpCare, and it’s still not about “care.” Instead, it’s about government controlling a huge segment of the economy, taking away choice, and robbing people to pay for things they may not want.

Government has no business meddling in medicine.

People are also still arguing over whether healthcare is a right. All rights concern what others have no right to do to you, not what others owe you.

For example: no one has a right to forbid you to own and carry a gun — to “keep and bear arms” — but you have no right to demand someone give you a gun to “keep and bear.”

Healthcare is also a human right. You have a right to do whatever you feel you need to in order to stay healthy, or to get healthy again if you are sick or injured. You have the right to use, grow, manufacture, or buy any and all drugs, services, or practices you believe will help your health, or help you deal with physical or emotional pain.

No one has the right to interfere — not in the name of preventing drug abuse or anything else. No politician’s opinion (often mistakenly referred to as a “law”) can change your rights into crimes.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, and its War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, is wrong even if you approve of its crusade against Americans. If your choices cause worse problems, you are back at square one and no one is obligated to rescue you.

Although healthcare is a right, you have no right to force anyone else to provide your healthcare; to force doctors, nurses, or hospitals to give you their services. You have no right to force pharmacists to give you medicine you need to survive. You have no right to force others to pay for your healthcare, not with their money nor their time and labor. To pretend otherwise is to promote slavery.

Socialized medicine — any government involvement in health care whatsoever — is unhealthy, whether it comes from Barack Obama or Donald Trump. To quibble over details is to ignore the real issue: you have the right to any kind of healthcare you can buy or negotiate for yourself. No one can ever have the right to meddle in your choices, but you have no right to demand anyone be enslaved on your behalf.

Insist on a separation of medicine and state.

Farwell’s Kent McManigal champions liberty. Contact him at:

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