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Rooting and reminiscing

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For Eastern New Mexico University and Sigma Nu alumni Garland Conklin, homecoming is a time to reminisce and reconnect with former classmates.

Conklin, who graduated ENMU in 1975 with a degree in electronics, said he wonders what campus life is like now for ENMU students compared to his time at the university.

Though Conklin, 61, didn’t have the chance to interact with students on campus during this year’s homecoming event, he said he still had a good time with friends as they rooted for the ENMU volleyball and football teams over the weekend.

“It’s really fun to reminisce and remember what it was like when we were here,” Conklin said. “Nobody ever gets tired of rooting for the home team.”

Conklin remembered his time at ENMU with fondness, recalling the time his father was celebrated at ENMU’s 40th anniversary as a member of the school’s first football team in 1933.

Conklin said his dad’s team was undefeated in its first two years.

Conklin, who resides in Muleshoe, said he is excited for ENMU to build their new stadium.

ENMU alumni Steve Harmon said he is also excited for the new stadium and has enjoyed seeing all of the changes the campus has undergone since he graduated in 1973 with a masters in business administration.

Harmon and Conklin came to Portales for ENMU’s 80th annual homecoming football game and festivities. The homecoming celebration began Friday and continued through Saturday with a parade, an awards breakfast, football, and the ENMU Educator Hall of Honor Gala.

Harmon, 69, of Clovis, said he particularly likes the university’s theater and communication building additions.

Harmon said he tries to make it to every ENMU home game he can and likes attending homecoming because of the amount of activities the university adds each year.

“Homecoming gets better and better each year. It’s difficult to make it to all of the activities,” said Harmon.

Harmon said his favorite memories of ENMU are helping the former director of the Campus Union Building, Dallan Sanders, prepare for a B.B. King concert at the Greyhound Arena.

Harmon recalled many great concerts he saw at the Greyhound Arena, including the Righteous Brothers and Peter, Paul and Mary.

“We used to get fantastic concerts,” said Harmon.

Harmon said that he holds a reunion for his college fraternity, Sigma Nu, during homecoming. He said some of his favorite memories were made while a part of the fraternity.

Harmon said the homecoming alumni experience is a “very good time.”